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Feb 28 2011

At the Car Wash

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Time for another Question of the Day! Do you take your car to the car wash? Do you wash it yourself at home? Does someone else wash it for you? (This sounds like a good job for teens and pre-teens!) Do you pull through an automated place or drive up [...]

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Feb 20 2011

The One About Cereal

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Is cereal a staple at your house? It is at ours. We have a whole deep drawer devoted to just cereal and granola bars. I’m not sure why I have so much space devoted to one food category, or why we keep so much cereal. Probably because I’m all about options [...]

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Feb 07 2011

Soup or Sandwich or Salad?

I appear to be a seasonal eater. These days, if we go out to eat lunch or dinner, I seem to want to go somewhere that serves a nice variety of soup choices Especially at lunch, I love places that offer a combo of say, soup and a half a sandwich. [...]

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Feb 04 2011

QOTD: Dreams

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So, today’s Question of the Day is about dreams. Do you remember your dreams? Do you dream a lot?
Me, I think I’m an oddball. I might dream, but I rarely remember them. I actually don’t think I dream much, but I’m sure, scientifically, I probably do. I am getting to an [...]

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Jan 05 2011

Old Christmas Cards?

What do you guys do with old Christmas cards? The ones you receive from others, whether they are the photo kind of kids or families, or just plain Christmas card greeting cards. Do you save them? Throw them out? Scrapbook them? Do something else with them?
I have been saving them, [...]

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Dec 14 2010


I don’t know why I’ve always walked by these in the grocery store every year, and never picked any up to try. This year, I rectified that and bought a bag of Cuties Clementines a week or so ago. And… I really like them!
I think it’s a nostalgia thing for me. I [...]

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Aug 30 2010


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I have a love/hate relationships with magazines. I love to subscribe to them, love to get them in my mailbox, love to flip through them when I first get them. But then…. I don’t read through them completely, and so I end up putting them in a magazine rack in my den. You [...]

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Aug 16 2010

Monday Meme

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When I first started blogging over 5 years ago, I did a lot of memes. I think most of them have disappeared from the blogosphere. The Monday Menu meme at OrgJunkie’s site is still alive, and very active, from what I can tell. I don’t know if I’ll get back to posting my [...]

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Feb 05 2010

QOTD: Bagged Lettuce

I was surfing around a day or so ago (or maybe checking Twitter, I honestly can’t remember!), and I saw a link to this article, about washing bagged lettuce.
I normally watch The Today Show, so I didn’t see this segment on The Early Show. But, I must admit, I don’t always rewash those bags of [...]

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Jan 26 2010

QOTD: Toothpaste

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I’ve gotten into a habit of asking a “Question of the Day” here at my blog. How I got into the habit of doing it, I will never know. But I really enjoy hearing what other people think about things, big or small, or what items you use in your daily life or [...]

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Jan 10 2010


Ok, I’m obviously running out of things to blog about! I am constantly drawn to food blogs, recipes, cookbooks, grocery stores, food, Food Network, shows on the Travel Channel about food, etc. To say I love to eat is a gross understatement. To say I love to cook is apt on some days, [...]

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Jan 07 2010

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Can you believe this weather? It’s so cold! I remember reading late last summer and going into fall, that they were predicting a colder than normal winter for us this year. I was excited (and still am!), because I knew it would help kill the mosquitoes and fleas and stuff. However [...]

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Nov 11 2009


I bought a new set of sheets for our bed a couple of weeks ago. Exciting, huh?! Believe it or not, it’s not something I do often. I change our sheets weekly, but I take the set off, wash and dry them, and put them right back on! I don’t change them [...]

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Oct 29 2009

Camera Question

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I got a belated birthday present a few days ago!

Tim had offered to get me a camera originally for my birthday, but I said, no, I already have a digital Rebel, I don’t need a smaller camera. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized he had a really good idea. [...]

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Jul 17 2009

QOTD - Sanitizers

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Time for a new Question of the Day. Today, it’s all about those hand sanitizer products. You know, like Purell or Germ-x or any one of a number of brands. I see them more and more out in public places. In hospitals (that nice foamy stuff!), some public bathrooms, etc. [...]

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