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Posted by Stace

100 Things About Me

1. I am happily married to the love of my life
2. I just started a new decade, my 40’s. YUCK!
3. I am the youngest of 3 daughters
4. I had pneumonia when I was a little baby, and I was told that they weren’t sure I was going to make it
5. I lived a very sheltered life, growing up. Even now, really
6. I love libraries and bookstores
7. I am very clumsy
8. I hated country music growing up and now I love it
9. I am a total TV addict
10. I am a choco-holic
11. I am scared of heights
12. I am TERRIFIED of snakes
13. I have never seen the Wizard of Oz
14. I had never been to a Sonic till I met Tim (now it’s my favorite!)
15. My favorite drink at Sonic is Cherry Limeade
16. I have brown hair (well, with help, it’s probably almost all grey now)
17. I have green eyes
18. I fell in love with Tim the instant he said “You have the most beautiful eyes�
19. I love golden retrievers
20. I don’t like cats, especially a cat Suzanne used to have named Peter, that cat attacked me once
21. I am a total homebody – I’m happiest just being at home
22. I didn’t get my ears pierced until college
23. I had braces on my legs growing up and had to wear special, corrective shoes through most of elementary school (probably why I am NOT a shoe kind of girl now)
24. I love to bake
25. I don’t like to talk on the phone
26. I can’t drive a stick shift
27. I’m torn between who I love more – Aragorn or Legolas (dark, handsome and sweaty vs blond, sweet and beautiful)
28. I have a Legolas mouse pad
29. I absolutely refuse to watch a scary or horror movie. No way
30. I love Chinese food
31. I love to order tiramisu at any Italian restaurant we eat at
32. I have never been camping
33. I have very fair skin with tons of freckles & moles, and I burn very easily
34. My mother hated the color pink, my grandmother adored it, and I have come to really love it – I have 2 pair of pink pajamas!
35. I love to take pictures
36. I have a terrible memory
37. I dislike confrontations
38. I could care less about politics
39. I don’t have an artistic or musical bone in my body
40. If I could play a musical instrument, I’d like to be able to play the piano
41. I am currently semi-retired from a nerdie tech job and I love it
42. I’m more of a mountains kind of girl than a beach girl
43. I like to get refrigerator magnets from places we have been on vacation
44. My lifelong dream is to visit England and Scotland
45. I took French in high school and college
46. I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a minor in computer science
47. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up
48. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a physical therapist
49. I want to visit all 50 states in the United States
50. I make lists and jot down things on notes and post-its constantly
51. I have a lot of red in my kitchen, but I’m starting to think I have enough (not buying anymore)
52. I’ve driven more Ford vehicles in my life than any other make
53. I currently drive a maroon Ford Explorer
54. I have never bid on anything on Ebay before (and don’t plan to start)
55. I miss sitting outside on my deck in the spring with Sally, we would sit on the steps and she would lick my ear and give me a big wet kiss
56. I have several ornaments on my Christmas tree that I painted
57. I have several pieces of original Snow Village that I love to put out at Christmas
58. I don’t think I’m very crafty, but I used to do counted cross-stitch and scrapbook
59. I have had 2 digital cameras and will not consider going back to film, I love digital
60. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate
61. My favorite topping for ice cream is hot fudge sauce
62. I love maraschino cherries, I can eat them out of the jar!
63. I cannot eat Oreos without milk
64. I won’t eat beets under any circumstances
65. I love to read
66. I used to sneak a flashlight into bed with me and stay up late reading with my flashlight
67. I volunteered at the US International Ballet Competition when I was in college and got to watch all the dancers practice
68. I love football
69. I detest golf
70. I have always wanted to be able to play tennis, well. Alas, it never happened
71. I had my wisdom teeth out the summer between high school and college
72. I had braces on my teeth for a sum total of 6 months when I was in junior high
73. My favorite thing to wear is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt
74. I have no idea what childhood diseases I might have had. I can’t remember and my mom is not here any more for me to ask
75. I miss my mom every day
76. I hate needles and dread having blood drawn when I go to the doctor
77. I love Godiva chocolates
78. I love Yankee Candles
79. I love Bath and Body Works products
80. I want to have a Jacuzzi tub in my next house, I miss having one here
81. I would hate to clean the Jacuzzi tub, though, because it would always be full of leftover bubbles from my bubble baths
82. I love my iPod
83. I love the red skin on my iPod
84. I hate how my ears feel after hours of listening to my iPod via the ear buds
85. I love caller id!
86. I have won 2 trips from local radio stations in my life – one to the Bahamas when I was 12 (I went with my mom) and one to Dallas to see the Dixie Chicks (I went with Tim) on my birthday (Oct 2002)
87. I’m a Libra, to the nth degree. Very balanced, symmetrical
88. I’m a little OCD, not bad, but there’s some in there
89. I love sci-fi TV shows, my favorites being Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek: Enterprise and the new Battlestar Galactica
90. I tried to keep a diary growing up, but I never made more than a few entries
91. I am doing a lot better with my blogging. I love doing it and I’m trying to blog every day.
92. We love to watch movies and own over 100 on DVD
93. I have a bad habit of biting my fingernails
94. Another bad habit is that I procrastinate on things I don’t really want to do
95. I have never had a broken bone
96. I love gadgets – kitchen gadgets, electronic gadgets, you name it
97. I have watched the same soap opera (All My Children) for over 25 years
98. I love to play trivia and Trivial Pursuit
99. I love reading, music, TV, movies, blogging and surfing
100. I love when Tim brings me happies or chocolates or flowers !

I can’t believe I could actually come up with 100 things!


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