Places to Visit

This will be a work in progress.. there are tons of places we want to visit. I have my own list, and Tim has his, but I’ll work on mine here. Also, feel free to post comments if you’ve visited these places – let me know what you think, where you stayed, what you did, if you liked it or not, etc.


In no particular order:

1. Alaskan Cruise

2. San Francisco

3. Seattle

4. Boston

5. New York City

6. Savannah, GA — WooHoo, went Sept 2006!! 😀

7. Maine

8. Mackinac Island

9. Montreal

10. Chicago

11. St. Louis

12. Grand Canyon

13. Yellowstone

14. Yosemite

15. Mt Rushmore

16. Niagra Falls

14. Nashville, TN


  1. Daddy and Ms. Johnnie are going on an Alaskan cruise the first week of June…I’ll let you know how it goes!


  2. Niagara Falls is great! I’ve been there several times, including recently. Definitely spend more time on the Canadian side – it’s a much better view.
    And New York City is a great place to visit. It’s been a while since I’ve been there.


  3. 3. Seattle – Wonderful city.

    5. New York City – Another wonderful city, but I’m too scared to live there!

    6. Savannah, GA – Beautiful!

    10. Chicago – Will be visiting my friend there soon!

    16. Niagra Falls – Go on the Maiden of the Mist Tour!!


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