At the Car Wash

Time for another Question of the Day! Do you take your car to the car wash? Do you wash it yourself at home? Does someone else wash it for you? (This sounds like a good job for teens and pre-teens!) Do you pull through an automated place or drive up to one where you get out and wand that sucker yourself? LOL! Or do you never wash your car?! 😀

I admit, we don’t wash our cars very often. One vehicle sits out all the time, so it gets rained on, but it does pick up pollen and stuff. The other stays in a garage and doesn’t get that dirty. Neither Tim nor I really like washing cars. Years ago, when we were first married, we would get out on the driveway, with the hose and some car wash detergent, and wash them ourselves. It’s either age or laziness or something, because these days, we drive them to one of the local drive through places that has the automated machines that wash it for you. It’s more expensive, yes, but it certainly is very convenient! As I said, we don’t wash them a lot, so we don’t spend too much money on this particular endeavor!

Tim worked on our vehicles on Saturday. He changed the oil in both (that saves us a TON of money, him doing it rather than taking it in to a car care place), and he also rotated the tires on both vehicles. Tim grew up working on cars and farm equipment, so he’s incredibly handy in that way. It is a wonderful trait to have in a husband, believe me! 😀 Anyway, we took both of them to a drive-through car wash place ($10 each), and got them both cleaned up. They’re all shiny and clean, and set for a while.

How about you? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I tend to be lazy about washing my car. My hubby used to wash both cars every week or two, in good weather. He recently told me to go to the car wash when I had the chance (hint, hint). I went on my lunch hour and it looked so clean! I drive through for $10 too. I should do it more often.


  2. We don’t use car washes but wash them ourselves. The last time we washed them was Thanksgiving, and that wash was the first time either of them had been washed FOR OVER THREE YEARS. No exaggeration. Philip washed both our vehicles in Sept 07, just before Des’ birth, and then we didn’t touch either vehicle to clean them, outside OR inside them, until Thanksgiving 2010. You can’t imagine how filthy they were, inside & out. It took an entire weekend to clean them both up.


  3. We have a $3 car wash near us. Pretty basic but it gets the job done. Once in a while I’ll splurge and get the deluxe wash . . . for $9 or $12, about once a year! In the winter I’ll get the $6 which includes the underbody wash to get the salt off. I do like to wash my car in the driveway once in a while though. What really gets me is the interior – I hate a dirty interior. And the vacuum is FREE at the $3 wash place – who can beat that!

    Tim sounds like Mike, doing all the car stuff. Isn’t that nice, that they can do all that?


  4. My husband is a clean car nut! He cleans our cars every Saturday even when it is freezing cold. I love the fact that he wants to keep our car clean but worry he is going to catch pneumonia.

    One week I thought I would be nice and drove through one of those car washes. When I got home I thought he was going to have a stroke. He gave me a lecture about how they scratched up your car.

    I guess that is the curse of growing up with a Dad who owns a body shop!


  5. Since we bought a new car last Sept, I’ve been a lot more careful about keeping it clean. I used to go through the car wash at the gas station or use the do-it-yourself wash. Or have one of my kids do it at home. Then I found this place nearby that is full service. For the same price as the gas station, I can use their vacuums, wash my floor mats and then drive it through the automated wash, after the guys there use a soap brush to get the front and back cleaned off. Since we want this car to last a long time, I think it’s worth it. I have been alternating between that place and having my husband or kids wash it, though. Cuts down on the cost a bit, especially if it looks like the weather is going to turn.

    My husband does our oil changes and rotates tires, too. He’s taught my sons to do it on their cars. With four vehicles in the family, it sure adds up!



    Mine is dirty and needs it but it never gets washed here! And no one changes the oil here, we take them somewhere.


  7. I go to through the car wash – i rarely ever wash my own car any more. Too lazy?


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