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Posted by Stace

2007 Movies

I’m going to *attempt* to keep a listing of the movies we watch throughout the year.


Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (PPV)
Invincible (DVD rental)
First Daughter (HBO On Demand)
Superman Returns (our DVD, Christmas gift)
The Da Vinci Code (DVD rental)
Picture Perfect (old movie with Jennifer Anniston – HBO On Demand)
Antz (HBO On Demand)


Nora Roberts movies on Lifetime TV (Angels Fall, Montana Sky, Blue Smoke…)
The Wedding Date (our DVD)


Poseidon (HBO-HD)
The Holiday (DVD rental)
The Greatest Game Ever Played (DVD rental)
16 Blocks (HBO On Demand)


Dreamer (HBO)
A Good Year (DVD rental)
My Super Ex-Girlfriend (DVD rental)
A Good Year (DVD rental)
Rumor Has It (HBO On Demand)


The Guardian (DVD rental)
Night at the Museum (DVD rental)
The Pursuit of Happyness (DVD rental)
Spiderman 3 (theater)
Crank (PPV; HORRIBLE; do not waste time or money on)
V for Vendetta (Tim only; free on HBO; didn’t like it)
Vanity Fair (Stacy only; free on HBO; didn’t like it)


Just My Luck (HBO On Demand)
You, Me and Dupree (HBO-HD)
Oceans 13 (theater)
She’s the Man (HBO On Demand)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (theater)
A History of Violence (Tim only; HBO On Demand)
Catch and Release (Netflix)
Deja Vu (Netflix)
Love’s Unending Legacy (Hallmark Channel on TV)
Flags of Our Fathers (Netflix)
The Queen (Netflix)
Casino Royale (Netflix)
Gilmore Girls – Season 1
National Treasure (our DVD)


Pirates 2: Dead Man’s Chest (Netflix)
Music and Lyrics (Netflix)
The Departed (Tim only; library rental)
The Marine (Netflix; just so-so, fairly cheesy low-budget film)
Because I Said So (Netflix)
Akeelah and the Bee (Netflix) – Great movie!
Breach (Netflix)
Click (Netflix)
Shooter (Netflix)
Yours, Mine and Ours (Netflix)
Serenity (HBO; we’d seen it before, good sci-fi)
Premonition (Netflix)
RV (Netflix)
The Prestige (Netflix)
Ghost Rider (Netflix)
Miami Vice (Netflix; Tim only, I did NOT want to watch this one)
Emma (Netflix)
The Nativity Story (Netflix)


13 Going on 30 (Netflix)
The Great Raid (Netflix)
Gilmore Girls – Season 2 (borrowed DVD set)
One Night with the King (Netflix and library)
Annapolis (Netflix)
XMen 3: The Last Stand (library rental)
Man of the Year (HBO)
The Bourne Ultimatum (theater)
Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby (Netflix – Tim only)
Little Black Book (Netflix)
Gridiron Gang (Netflix)
Flyboys (Netflix)
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Netflix) (pretty cheesey!)
Cars (Netflix)
Zodiac (Netflix – Tim only)
The Astronaut Farmer (Netflix)
Sense and Sensibility (Netflix)
Sky High (Netflix)
Are We There Yet? (Netflix)


Stranger than Fiction (Netflix)
Broken Bridges (Netflix)
Secondhand Lions (Netflix)
Are We Done Yet? (Netflix)
The Last Sineater (Netflix)
I Am David (Netflix)
3:10 to Yuma (Tim only; theater)
The Ultimate Gift (Netflix)
The Lady in the Water (Tim only; Netflix)
Flicka (Netflix)


Wild Hogs (Netflix)
Gilmore Girls – Season 3 (borrowed DVD set)
The World’s Fastest Indian (Netflix)
Evan Almighty (Netflix)
Fracture (Netflix)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Netflix)
Heroes: Season 1 (Netflix, via online watching option)
Heroes: Season 2 (first 5 episodes, to get current, via Netflix online watching)
Transformers (Netflix)
Freedom Writers (Netflix)


License to Wed (Netflix)
Behind Enemy Lines 2 (Tim only, from Netflix)
Blood Diamond (Netflix)
Spitfire Grill (Netflix)
Miss Potter (Netflix)
Ocean’s Thirteen (Netflix)


Rocky Balboa (Netflix)
Perfect Stranger (Tim only; Netflix)
Next (Netflix)
Holiday Inn (our DVD)
I Now Pronouce You Chuck and Larry (Tim only; Netflix)
Shrek 2 (Netflix)
We Are Marshall (Netflix)
Christmas in Connecticut (TCM On Demand/Comcast)


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