Soup or Sandwich or Salad?

I appear to be a seasonal eater. These days, if we go out to eat lunch or dinner, I seem to want to go somewhere that serves a nice variety of soup choices 🙂 Especially at lunch, I love places that offer a combo of say, soup and a half a sandwich. I guess because we’ve had quite a bit of cold weather lately, I am drawn to soups, both at home and eating out.

In the summer though, I’ll do a salad and a half a sandwich. I love places like Corner Bakery, Newks, Sweet Peppers, McAlisters, etc — good soup/sandwich/salad places. I love paninis and get those a lot. I rarely order a caesar salad, for whatever reason. I also don’t love places that just have iceberg lettuce for their salads. (Have you noticed a trend, I appear to be quite picky!)

I admit, when I eat out, I tend to favor “fattening” foods. Especially this time of year, with soups. Something like a broccoli cheese or a loaded or baked potato soup. Or at Newks on Fridays, my favored lobster bisque. Yummy and fattening. At home, I tend to make a little healthier soup, a turkey or bean chili, a Cooking Light recipe for potato soup, etc.

How about you? Which do you prefer – soup, sandwich or salad? Are you a seasonal eater or does the weather not affect what you eat? Do you have a favorite place to eat this kind of food, and a combination that you like? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I love panini’s too! I like a sandwich or a half sandwich and cup of soup, pretty much any time of the year. My favorite places are Panera Bread (their specials are always so different and yummy), The Egg & I (they have a great chicken walnut sandwich on raisin bread) and Einstein Bros.

    Now I’m hungry.


  2. I love all 3, but like you, tend to lean towards soups in the winter. I read something recently about eating seasonally. Why our bodies crave certain foods at certain times of the year and how it’s actually not a bad thing, that we need more starch etc when it’s colder (for warmth) and more greens etc. when it’s hot out (energy). If I find the post, I ‘ll send you the link.

    Now what kind of soup to make for dinner?!


  3. We don’t have a lot of soup/sandwich/salad places to choose from…Panera is my favorite choice though. I love their soups…especially potato, broccoli cheddar and also their chicken noodle. I’ll usually choose one of those paired with their Chipotle Chicken sandwich. It’s on grilled French bread and it’s sooo tasty! OR, if I’m in the mood for salad, I get their Greek Salad.

    If it’s colder out, I’ll usually go for soup. I love soup! In the summer, I’m more inclined toward salad, but I’ve been known to get soup then too if I’m in the mood.


  4. I am loving soups too because there is just something about all that warm goodness when it is cold outside. All three of my boys love paninis. They will order them wherever we go. I LOVE Newks salads so I will always order those when we go there.


  5. I’m really not a soup person. I do love a good chili though! If I had to eat soup or sandwich, I’d choose sandwich. I’m not sure if this stems from my childhood nightmare of being forced to eat corn chowder! LOL I hate chowder in any way, shape or form. I never do half soup or salad and half sandwich. I like to get big loaded salads. I just got back from Panera with a Thai chicken chopped salad. I had to get a big fat cookie to go along with it though.


  6. I love soup! But really I just love food that’s bad for me. Ha! I also want to tell you that I HATE iceberg lettuce. No taste and no nutrition.


  7. I think most of us are “seasonal” eaters. Yes, with the cool weather, I tend to eat more soups, and I also prefer the fattier kinds of soups. I did, however, partake of lots of this yummy seafood soup at my favorite casual seafood restaurant this winter. It is broth-based, rather than cream-based, so it was “healthier,” and it had lots of leeks in it, too. During our seemingly endless days of blistering heat, I tend to stick with fruity dishes. I wish I could eat more salads. I also prefer those not iceberg-based, but the really great green leafy salads affect my Coumadin levels too much. Bummer.


  8. I will eat soup/salad or sandwich any time of year! But probably a bit more for soup during the winter.


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