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Posted by Stace

Lately I’m…

Things on my mind currently, things I want, things I don’t want, just some current stuff rolling around in my head!

{Last Updated Feb 22, 2007}

Lately, I’m into…

  • Beau the wonder dog is such a wonderful addition to our little family! I’m so glad that Tim came through for me on my birthday last year and found Beau for us. My blog these days is full of Beau, since he’s so sweet and cute and a new part of our daily lives. I love and adore that dog, and he seems to be loving all of the attention he gets from us.
  • Still enjoying my Palm Z22 PDA – I love it, I can take all my addresses, email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, grocery list, library book list, movie rental lists and anything else I want in a list with me. Plus, it has a nice little memo and notepad feature to jot down notes about things while I’m out and about. Way cool. 🙂
  • Taking pictures with my new camera and cameraphone. Goofy, silly, nothing pictures. I take pictures of absolutely anything and everything! 🙂
  • UPDATE: I’m participating in the Project365 this year, so I am taking a ton of photos. Lots of “nothing” photos, things during my day, places I go, things I see, etc. I’m really enjoying it! 🙂
  • Reading. I am so totally loving all the time I am able to spend reading lately. Last year, I read 70 books, even though my original goal was 52, an average of one per week. I’m not sure if I’ll top 70 in 2007, but I’m going to give it my best shot!
  • Enjoying my latest download from iTunes… Dierks Bentley and Long Trip Alone. I love and adore that song!
  • Needing to get more exercise, but I am not doing great right now. I seem to just want to eat! I don’t try too hard during the holidays, since I know I will be overeating. But, I had planned to get back into my exercise routine in Jan 07, but it hasn’t happened yet. Tim working from home more has thrown a kink in my indoor workout routine. We’re trying to walk some now that it’s starting to warm up a little bit.
  • Wanting new appliances and blinds for the house. Then again, some days I want to move to another house. Then, I look around and realize how happy I am here and how I just want to improve a few things around here. Then I weigh how long we might feasibly be in this house versus how much money we could get out of improvements like blinds and new kitchen appliances. The frugal part of me hates to replace things that we have that are working fine. The devil in me wants New! Improved! Better! Nicer! :mrgreen:
  • We’re really liking our new TV and the digital cable we upgraded to. When we upgraded, the cable company was running a promotion for free HBO, so we’re getting that for a while, which is nice. We’re watching lots of movies that we might have otherwise rented, or probably not watched at all, but it will be nice while it lasts. We really like the “On Demand” feature on our cable setup. I am using the exercise stuff, and want to sit down and watch some of the On Demand stuff from Food TV and HGTV. Tim is watching all of the On Demand stuff from the Golf Channel and really enjoying it.
  • UPDATE: Who has time to watch movies? We haven’t lately! There’s too many good shows on TV. This spring is going to be busy for us… we have Amazing Race and Battlestar Galactica on Sunday nights; Prison Break and 24 on Mondays (and soon, Dancing with the Stars); American Idol, NCIS and the Unit on Tuesdays; American Idol, Bones and Lost on Wednesdays; Survivor, CSI and Shark on Thursdays; and Monk, Psych and Numb3rs on Friday nights. Saturday night is for catching up on stuff we had to tape during the week, or going out 🙂
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