I’ve never cross-posted between GoodReads and here on my blog, but today I was updating GoodReads with some books I’ve finished lately, so I thought I’d put a blurb here […]

Weekly boring update, take nine… Big Thing that Happened… – we celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary! Big one, I love the big ones as well as the little ones like […]

I saw this posted on Facebook, by Sandra at Diary of a Stay Home Mom, so I swiped it for some blogging material! HAVE YOU EVER: Snuck out: Nope, I […]

Wow, I’ve been blogging eleven years today! That’s really very hard for me to believe. I mean, I certainly haven’t kept up with daily blogging and there were probably a […]

You wouldn’t believe that I’ve been blogging every day, but I have! I’ve just decided to switch to private blogging, which works better for me. But sometimes I miss the […]

Yes, I’ve been blogging, but I just haven’t been publishing any of it. I have started to keep a sort of daily diary on my blog, but it’s all private. […]

Well, outpatient surgery or not, the two surgeries I had to repair/remove/ablate (whatever!) the varicose veins in my legs were no easy feat. I’ve now had the second surgery (on […]

I hope we are at the five week mark, or even less! The last time Tim talked to our builder, he said on one hand, we are 90% complete with […]

Not a weekly update but a random sampling of items in my head… * The rice trick with wet electronics really works. We had never had a reason to try […]

Another uber busy weekend in the books! Not interesting for anyone else, but I like to record some of what is going on these days. Especially when we do fun […]