Yes, I know it’s been almost a month since Memorial Day. 🙂 I had thought Tim would play golf on his long 3 day weekend, but he surprised me a […]

Tim and I have been married for over 14 years, but we’ve never been on a vacation to the beach before. We’re not really “beach people”. We’ve been to the […]

I didn’t post ahead of time that we were leaving, but Tim and I just got back from a short vacation. I have blogged in the past from our vacations, […]

I’m still trying to catch up from being gone on vacation. Today is a day for going through the pile of mail and newspapers, working on the pile of laundry, […]

Believe it or not, I didn’t really take a lot of pictures while we were gone. We really only went for the Saints-Bears game and we didn’t get to do […]

If you’ve visited here much, you know we’re football fans and my husband Tim is the world’s biggest Saints fan. We watched the playoff game Saturday night, and were both […]

OK, I convinced myself yesterday that I had posted all of the pictures from our vacation that I wanted to post here. But, I had a few “people pics” that […]

Well, it’s nearly two weeks since we were in Savannah, and I’m still working on pictures! Geesh, I’m slow! Sorry about that… there are a lot that I want to […]

Yes, I’m the world’s slowest blogger, I admit it. We’ve been home a week now, and I still haven’t posted half of the pictures that I took on vacation to […]

Yesterday, I posted a picture of an owl butterfly that I thought was so cool. I have a bunch more butterfly pictures, but I will post them in a few […]

We went to the German Fest near our house today, something I look forward to every fall. I love all the festivals and stuff, but I’m afraid I’m the only […]

It’s always great to go on vacation, but it is always equally nice to come home! We just made it in, and I have tons to do. Just wanted to […]

Thought I would try to check in, while we have Internet access 🙂 We left Friday and spent the weekend with Gail (my sister) and Don at Callaway Gardens Georgia. […]

We’re headed out on our vacation. I know we will have internet access from at least one place we are staying, but that is next week. I’m not sure how […]