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Posted by Stace

Photo of the Day – Misc Pictures

OK, I convinced myself yesterday that I had posted all of the pictures from our vacation that I wanted to post here. But, I had a few “people pics” that I wanted to post, and a couple of cute pictures I took of odd things. So, even though I posted a boatload yesterday, here’s a few more! :mrgreen:

Here’s a couple of tropical birds that were at the Butterfly Conservatory at Callaway Gardens. I was so enthralled with the butterflies that I didn’t take very many of the beautiful birds!

Blue and Gold Macaw:
Blue & Gold Macaw at the Butterfly Conservatory

Is this a parrot of some kind?? I can’t remember!

More on the extended page….

Some “people pictures”:

Me and Tim at the Butterfly Conservatory:

And one of me and my sister Gail, sitting in the butterfly shaped chair, outside the gift shop, at the Conservatory:

Some of the apple we ate on our last night, there, after we had eaten a huge, late lunch at the Crab Shack (blogged about that yesterday!)… Yes, folks, these pics prove I will take pictures of anything! But, boy, that apple was gooo-woood!

And finally, some signs! I took the first two out on Tybee Island. The place we ate, the Crab Shack, had tons of cute painted signs everywhere, but I will only post one. The other was a sign that was on the highway in and out of the island. I had never seen “Turtle Crossing” signs before!

Crab Shack sign

Turtle Crossing sign

And lastly, one of my favorite things about this trip. For most of this year, I have been totally in love with “Life is Good” products. Tim found this “Life is Good” store on the Riverwalk in Savannah. I had the HARDEST time trying to decide what to buy, and could have easily spent several hundred dollars in there. I loved the store and I adore their products. I had a ball figuring out what to buy, and I highly recommend “Life is Good” products of all kinds! I ended up with a cap, a short sleeve t-shirt, and a long-sleeve t-shirt. I also lusted after tons of other things, including pajamas, slippers, socks, sweatshirts, mugs, travel mugs, more caps and shirts, and their special pumpkin festival t-shirt they have out right now. Whew. I did so good to only come out with 3 items!

Life is Good shop sign

  1. Suzanne Said,

    didn’t know you liked Life is Good stuff…….saw the products at the place I did my PT this summer…..is a gym also.

  2. Cam Said,

    Yay! More people pics! 🙂 I love them. You guys look so happy.
    Grayson was greatly interested in these pictures, especially the birds and the turtle crossing sign.

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