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Posted by Stace

Back from Vacation

I didn’t post ahead of time that we were leaving, but Tim and I just got back from a short vacation. I have blogged in the past from our vacations, but this time we left the laptop at home and just went away for a couple of days. I didn’t even really take a lot of photos, which is odd for me. For one reason, we went somewhere we’ve been many times before. The other reason is that it rained about half the time we were gone and I just didn’t want to lug my Canon DSL around in the rain and icky weather. I haven’t transferred my pictures yet, so I don’t know if I’ll have any worthy of posting!

We went down to our coast (the Mississippi Gulf Coast, that was devastated during Hurricane Katrina) and then over to New Orleans for the long weekend. We had a good time, ate way too much good food, and just generally relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. We had booked a room at the Hard Rock Casino on our coast, and by the time we got there to check in, we were told that the type of room we had booked (king, water view) had already all been taken, so they were upgrading us to a complimentary suite! I was very excited 😀 It doesn’t take much to psych me out, you know! I had never stayed in a suite before, so I really enjoyed it. We had a living room (with 42″ plasma TV and JVC surround sound system), a separate bathroom for the living area, the bedroom with its king size bed, 42″ plasma tv and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the strip of hotels and construction. We had another room that was floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gulf with its jacuzzi tub and yet another plasma TV. I had 3 sinks to choose from to stand or sit in front of to put on my makeup. We had another room for the shower, which had 3 shower heads and was entirely tile, with a bench and was all glass on two sides. Very cool looking 🙂 We had a private balcony that we sat out in the morning and drank our coffee (made in the Keurig in the room). Anyway, I really enjoyed it!

We had some good seafood while we were gone. We stopped at a local joint in Pass Christian, right on the beach and had lunch. We had crab claws with remoulade for an appetizer then grilled mahi-mahi sandwiches. In New Orleans, we had shrimp poboys and then our customary dinner at Landry’s. We love Landry‘s and always go when we’re in town. I had the jumbo lump crab cakes with risotto and Tim had the Shrimp Fresca, which was really probably better than mine (he let me have a bite!). We were full, but since it was vacation, we got Bananas Foster for dessert 😀

We did a little shopping and a lot of walking around, and we even did the unthinkable and watched some TV in the hotel rooms! We watched a lot of the Olympics and the Saints preseason game. I had to see Michael Phelps swim and get his gold medals!

When we got home, we were really sorry to find that our niece, who had been house and dog sitting for us, was sick. She had been throwing up the night before we got home, and was not feeling well at all. So, now we’re going to try to get some Sprite and saltines and Jello in her and get her to feeling better 🙂

It’s good to be back even though I have a mountain of laundry to tackle. I also had 200 new email messages and almost 400 new posts in my Google Reader. That is going to take me a while to catch back up. Hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a wonderful week!

  1. mamichelle Said,

    Yikes, good luck catching up on those posts & emails!!!

    So glad you got upgraded. That sounds devine!!! I hope you took some photos of the amazing suite! I only had a suite when dh’s company used to pay. Then, of course, it was the party room so we couldn’t go to bed until everyone left! Glad you had fun but I’m sorry about the rain! I know you wanted that while you were home!

  2. dianne Said,

    Sounds like fun. I love those free upgrades. I watched Rachel Ray and her husband in Tasty Travels yesterday and was reminded me of that when i read your post! HOpe you have a few pics to share. I can’t believe you had 200 emails when you got back!

  3. JEN Said,

    We are planning a trip next spring to New Orleans so you will have to tell me where to go and eat…..it sounds exciting…I have been once before but we are going with 2 other couples….I cannot wait!

  4. Gail Said,

    That sounds like fun! What a fun upgrade too…….glad you got to see some Olympics, Phelps was awesome and that swim Friday night, oh the best ever! I think we’ve eaten at Landry’s there, very good.
    How is my baby today! I hope she’s feeling better……….you think it’s food thing, bug, or is there something in your house making y’all sick! You weren’t sick while you were gone were you?

  5. Sally Said,

    What a fortunate break that was for you–getting a suite! I would have loved that.

    What made me hungry was your mention of jumbo lump crab cakes. Hmmm.

  6. Sandra Said,

    Welcome back, I’m so glad you had fun 🙂 And now I’m craving crab cakes…yum!

  7. Jill Said,

    Sounds delightful. And, you can’t beat that upgraded room.

  8. YellowRose Said,

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! I love that you got a suite! That is always fun! So did you gamble? Win anything? The seafood sounds wonderful…I love good seafood!

    Sorry your niece was sick….it must be going around! Hubby was so sick that night while we were away!

    Have fun catching up…I’m doing the same!

  9. Maria Said,

    Welcome home! Sounds like a great trip (despite the rain). I’ve never been to New Orleans. One of these days.

  10. amy Said,

    How fun! We just got back from Florida. Glad you had a good time/

  11. Shawna Said,

    The upgrade was awesome!!! How nice of the hotel. I’m glad you had fun. I hope your niece feels better.

  12. sherry Said,

    Ohh a complimentary suite! How wonderful! And the food sound SO GOOD! I haven’t been to New Orleans for 20 years! But I love it there!


  13. claire Said,

    Sounds like you had fun! I’ve always said I’m not a beach person, but I saw a John and Kate Plus 8 tonight where they were at the beach and in the pool and it made me want to go. I’m assuming the niece is E…or maybe not. Either way I hope she feels better; being sick (especially like that) is NO FUN!

  14. Suzanne Said,

    Cool to get an upgrade! Love those flat screens, and big beds. Sounds like my kind of travel!!
    Glad you enjoyed.

  15. Simply Dawn Said,

    Way to go with the upgrade 🙂 I love the Hard Rock. Haven’t stayed there but we did go over there to eat at Ruth Chris’s but a friend of mine stayed there for a conference a few months ago and loved. She loved the pool!

    Glad you guys had fun! The coast is looking better but still has a long way to go!

  16. Desert Songbird Said,

    Welcome back! I bet Beau baby really missed you and Tim.

    Your trip sounds amazing. I’m not surprised you got the Bananas Foster. I mean, you HAD to, right? *wink*

    I’m totally drooling not over your food but your suite. Fabulous.

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