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Posted by Stace

Photo of the Day – Flowers

Yesterday, I posted a picture of an owl butterfly that I thought was so cool. I have a bunch more butterfly pictures, but I will post them in a few days. I saw yesterday that my sister Gail had posted here about some of the pictures of flowers that we had taken. The guys were playing a lot of golf, and Gail and I were exploring the grounds at Callaway Gardens. I still haven’t gotten to the Savannah portion of the trip. Looks like it’s going to be a few more days before I post photos from that portion of our trip, so please be patient and check back later. :mrgreen:

Anyway, since Gail posted her flower pictures, I thought I would follow suit and post some that I took also. I have already posted my favorite flower picture, the Purple Passion Flower that we saw at the Horticultural Center. There wasn’t a whole lot of other stuff blooming. We were late for summer flowers and early for the fall stuff. But, I did get some shots. Click on the extended page to see some. 🙂

OK, these were taken at the Horticultural Center, various flower shots:

Not sure what these were… but I loved the purple!

Some kind of tropical – bougainvillea, hibiscus, I don’t know! 😀

Orange Zinnias:

Not sure!

Zoomed out, instead of a close-up:

And these were taken at another spot at Callaway Gardens, called “Mr. Cason’s Vegetable Garden”. I didn’t think this would be anything, but Gail watched the tourist-y TV channel at the hotel about the entire resort of Callaway Gardens and saw that it looked pretty cool. And was she ever right! They had as much blooming and growing as anywhere else on the property. Most of what I photographed was flowers, not vegetables, but still….

Petunias and Coleus:

Peppers (Gail took a picture of these, and hers is better!)

Can’t remember the name of this one, but I loved it!


Red Zinnias:

Another tropical:

This cute little gardening shed was their gift shop, I loved the way it looked:

Just a zoomed-out view of some of the property, flowers and pavilions and gazebos and seating areas were very prevalent:

I think this is purple salvia


Wildflower patch:

  1. Gail Said,

    Yeah, I really liked the vegetable garden too! And that little gift shop was so cute!
    I meant to tell you while at Callaway that I thought I figured out what that yellow one is (you have it posted 4th down I think and said not sure)……anyway, I think it is called a Candlestick plant. I thought of that while there and I think I tried to look it up and that’s what I think it is but check it out.
    Good shots again! I’m working on my butterfly ones! Check in a bit.

  2. Laura Said,

    How lovely. I like the “barn”.

  3. deb Said,

    I’d love to be surrounded by so many flowers 🙂
    I spot hibiscus, zinnias, hyacinth, blanket flowers and coneflowers to name a few that you’ve shared. Beautiful!

  4. Dawn Said,

    Oh wow what beautiful photos. I love the sunflower!!!

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