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Posted by Stace

Home Sweet Home

Grocery Shopping!It’s always great to go on vacation, but it is always equally nice to come home! We just made it in, and I have tons to do. Just wanted to post and thank everyone for the nice wishes for us on our little trip. I’ll post more in the next few days and some pictures also, of our trip. We had a good time, but it is good to be home.

We got home a lot earlier than I had anticipated. That would be because you-know-who woke up at 3:30 AM and said “are you ready to get up and go?!” Sheesh, no — I don’t like to sleep! But I was ready to get home too and it is easier to drive with less traffic in the middle of the night! So, we got home a lot earlier than I had anticipated. The good news is that since we are not midnight pulling in, I will have a chance to go to the grocery store. I’m off for milk, juice, bread, eggs, etc; you know, the essentials!

OK, here’s a final vacation related Question of the Day:

When you come back from vacation, what is the first thing you do? Leave your answer in the comments… I look forward to reading them!

As for me, the first thing we always do is unload the car, then I start to unpack. I think it’s an OCD thing I have, I don’t just drop the luggage and stuff and leave it. I like to go ahead and unpack and get it “over with”. Today, right after I finish unpacking, I’m going to the grocery store. Those are the top two on my list this time around — How about you?! :mrgreen:

  1. Gail Said,

    We unload the car first! Don is better about unpacking right after that than I am but I try to unpack next. Then if we’ve gotten home late in the day, I sometimes like to go to bed & read a bit.
    We had a good time with you guys!

  2. Laura Said,

    I start unpacking before my bags even get in the door. Then I’m doing laundry on my way in. It goes along with my neat freak obsession. Those are the first two things I do. 🙂

    I am a little kid about vacation… I just don’t like coming home, AT ALL. I want to stay forever. I get seriously depressed about coming back home.

  3. Suzanne Said,

    Unload the bags, start unpacking, do wash, grocery, back to work……….hope you had a good time……

  4. Claire Said,

    Unload the car. If I’m with my parents I unpack, if I’m at my apartment I let it sit.

  5. Dianne Said,

    I gotta go through the mail. (While someone else unloads the car!!!) Welcome home; hope you are well rested and ready to face the real world again!

  6. mamichelle Said,

    Glad you had a good time.

    The first thing we do is unload the car, then I look at the mail, then I head upstairs to unpack. I cannot let it sit for any amount of time! Crazy, I know.

  7. Cam Said,

    Glad you had a good and safe trip! You were missed! I liked reading about what you did.

    3:30AM??? I would’ve not been happy. 😀

    The first thing we do is NOTHING. I always spend the first day back relaxing and vegging out. Then the next day I unpack everything, do laundry, get back into routine, etc.

  8. Wendy Said,

    I usually go through the mail while Tommy unloads the car. Then I try to go to the grocery store to get a few essientialsl like milk and bread. I usually do laundry the next day.

  9. Amanda Said,

    Glad that you are back! I’ve missed seeing your daily ramblings!!! 🙂

    You must first know that we always end up being the middle of the night getting home… Mark feels the need to unload the car and dump it on the floor in the kitchen, living room or bedroom (depending on the door from which he entered). I, on the other hand, get in bed as soon as physically possible. When I get up the next day, reality hits and I commence to unpacking, washing clothes, etc.

  10. Trista Said,

    Welcome Back Stace! Excuse my delay in getting over here to welcome you back!

    In answer to your question… The first thing we do is usually unload the car. In some instances if we are really late getting home, we may leave it till morning. I like to come in the house and turn everything back on, and plug in my wallflowers so things smell nice!

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