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Posted by Stace

Chicago Pics

Believe it or not, I didn’t really take a lot of pictures while we were gone. We really only went for the Saints-Bears game and we didn’t get to do any sightseeing while we were there. We had two days of traveling and one day for the game and that was it. I hope we can go back another time and do all of the “touristy” things in Chicago. Neither of us have ever been there before, and it looked like a really nice city.

My overriding memory of Chicago in January will be of how cold it was! Tim, on the other hand, was fine and loved every single minute of it. But, I’m pretty cold natured, and even though I had on a lot of layers, I still got cold. We left for the game (2 PM game) at 11 AM and got to Soldier Field around noon, so we had two hours before the game even started. Then, it took a while to get back out, so we were out in the cold for about 6 hours or so all together. After about 3 hours, I started getting pretty cold. In the third quarter, my feet and hands started getting numb, so I felt cold all over. I think it would have really helped if the Saints had been winning, I would have been a lot warmer! LOL 🙂

I have a few pictures and will post them on the extended page. I discovered that it’s a hassle to store your camera in its case under your coat, or in the pocket of your sweatshirt, under a few layers of coats, gloves and scarves. It takes a while to get to it, and then to put it back in its warm spot. So, I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures at the game since it took some much effort to get my camera in and out! 🙂

Here’s a couple at Lake Michigan, a few blocks from Soldier Field:
Tim at Lake Michigan, flashing his Saints sweatshirt

Tim and Stacy at Lake Michigan

And before the game started, we walked around and then checked out the Fox News Crew that we love – Joe Buck, Terry, Howie and Jimmy Johnson (thanks Laura!):

Fox Broadcasting Crew

Us Before the Game Started

And the Saints on offense, when we still thought they had a chance!

Saints on Offense

Lastly, a couple of scenic pictures thrown in for good measure!

Snow on Trees

Snow on Barn and Silo

  1. Shawna Said,

    Those are great pictures of you guys. Sounds like you had a good time. Definitely go back to Chicago for some site seeing. We went about 3 years ago, and there was lots to do. My two favorite places where the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. Be prepared for lots of walking though. Glad you got back safely!

  2. Claire Said,

    Looks like y’all had fun. Do those sports guys have a heater going down where they are? They don’t look bundled up enough for that cold. Sorry about the Saints loss. ithough they could pull it out but then they just lost it. Hey, but the Colts are going and now you can be undivided in your cheers!

  3. Susie Said,

    Oh wow! Just looking at those pictures makes me shiver! 🙂 Great shots.

  4. Stacy Said,

    I see some Saints get-up in those pictures!!! 🙂

    Looks like you had a nice time, even though a win would have made it better!

    So off to cheer for Indy now….

  5. Dawn Said,

    those photos by the lake actually *look* cold. brings back memories. ::shiver::

    LOL @ Tim with his Saints shirt tucked under there!

    ewwww!! i like the rest of that crew but i can’t *stand* Joe Buck. Howie is my favorite, followed by Terry. and i really like Boomer over on CBS.

    so… even though it was frigid & it didn’t go the way you hoped — =( sorry about that — did you at least enjoy being able to go?

  6. rach Said,

    I’m sorry your team didn’t win but I’m sure you still had a wonderful time. Great pictures. Love the beautiful white snow but judging by your clothes, I think I won’t last too long out there. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gail Said,

    Good pictures! And hey, I think I recognize that coat and gloves! heehee

  8. Stace Said,

    Gail – OF COURSE you recognize your coat and gloves! Thanks again for loaning them to me, they really helped! (And the other layers I had on underneath too, that you can’t see in the picture!!)

  9. Debi Said,

    Chicago is a great city to visit (though not to drive in). Glad you had a good visit.

  10. Debi Said,

    You got some great photos! You all are such an adorable couple!
    Chicago is a place I really want to visit, too! So many places there that need checking out!

  11. Bev Said,

    I’m really sorry your team didn’t win. Glad to see you got back in one piece and not too frozen. Actually I’m a bit jealous. I’d love a few days of nice, crisp winter weather around here. I know The Kid would, too. I really have some great memories of winter weather and snow from growing up in Idaho.

    Fantastic pictures. You know the second one down from the top I can feel your smiling for the camera even though your face is frozen. 😉


  12. Southern Girl Said,

    Hey, there you are!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of YOU before! Awww, ya’ll are so cute all bundled up. 😉 I can completely understand what a pain it is to have to get your camera in and out. Because i’m on crutches, I usually have to put mine in my pocket or give it to my mom to carry in her purse, and it bugs the heck out of her ’cause I’m all the time saying, “Ooo, give me my camera!” and she has to go digging for it. 😉

  13. Heidi Said,

    Hope you had a great time despite your team losing. Maybe visit Chicago again when it’s warmer!? I’m sure you were freezing, I saw some of the game on TV and it looked really really cold!
    I’m sure you are happy to be home. There is no place like home!

  14. Laura Said,

    I love the pics. Isn’t that Jimmy Johnson? (Jerry Jones is the Cowboys’ owner…) I noticed that one because my husband absolutely can’t stand Joe Buck and whines and complains anytime a game is on Fox. He’s totally stoked that Fox doesn’t have the Super Bowl. lol.

  15. Write From Karen Said,

    Oooh, I would LOVE to go to a football game! I love all of those cute butts in tight, er, leggings ……………

    Okay, that sounded bad. I MEANT to say, I love the GAME. Not the hunks running around knocking each other over. hehe

    And Terry Bradshaw. I would have totally walked up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “You have a nice butt for an older guy.” LOL Okay, so I wouldn’t have done that, but I would have WANTED to! 😀

    Geez, are butts on my mind today, or what? lol

    Glad to see you guys had a good time!

  16. jen Said,

    Wonderful pics of you all….I thought of you all when I watched the game…cold. cold, cold. Glad you had a great time.

  17. Dianne Said,

    My memories of Chicago are mostly of being extremely cold or, on occasion, extremely hot. Went to Bible college outside the city and we were there every weekend, in the inner city, doing outreach of some kind. Sounds good but we’d get there around 10am and leave around 3 pm. Mostly outside, walking around, occasionally visiting in some homes. I don’t think we ever saw enough of the “city” to appreciate it. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for me to route for the Saints. Glad you had a good time. You look cute in all your layers!

  18. Cam Said,

    Yay for pictures of you! I love to see you! You both look great, and so cute in all those clothes.
    Those first pics at the lake look miserably cold! If there had only been some SUN, it would’ve helped. I’m glad you made it through, but sorry about the loss.
    Did you stay out in the country, where you took those scenic pics?

  19. Suzanne Said,

    Nice photos of you two by the lake…………cold, cold !!

  20. Karla Said,

    Loved seeing these photos! My hubby is from Chicago and his parents still live there so we visit often. Love that city!!!

    It was good to see the Bears/ Saints matchup. Two great teams.

  21. Susan Said,

    I LOOOOOVVVEEE Chicago!!!! It is one of my favorite places to visit. And to be at the game…well how cool is that??? I’m sorry the Saints didn’t win (OK not a huge amount sorry…I was pulling for the Bears in that game). But the Saints sure had a great season and are quite a heartwarming story.

    I am sure the energy in the place was great fun despite the cold.

    Have a great week.

    🙂 Susan

  22. kaliblue Said,

    OH WOW!!! I love ya”lls pictures:-). Hate the Saints blew it, but go Bears or Colts. Not sure which I want to cheer for right now :-). Gurley Alabama is about 14 miles from Huntsville . That’s where my Mom lives. Actually I’m leaving Thursday to spend a few days with her. My hubs family are all big MSU fans. Everyone of them are MSU Alumni except for hubs. My Sister-n-law’s dad was Dean of the Agri center long ago:-). One of hubs granddads lived right next to MSU and the other one lived in Oakland, MS. Love that State cheese. I’m a true blue & orange Auburn fan, so it’s real fun come game times*giggles*.
    Thanks for stopping by:-). Have a great night!!

  23. southernfriedgirl Said,

    I love Terry Bradshaw. I just wanna rub his head.

  24. Judi Said,

    WOO HOO! Love the pictures. Looks like it was fun! I like your blog design too. 🙂

  25. tiggerprr Said,

    You guys look nice and bundled up! But I bet the air was still really crisp! 🙂

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