Let’s see, we are seven days into the new month and new year. So far, we have… * shoved all the Christmas decorations back into the attic. I haven’t mentioned […]

Yes, I’m doing it again. At least some blogging is better than nothing, right?! The weekend of 10/17-19 was a very busy one as we celebrated my birthday multiple times. […]

Ha! So I can remember everything that is going on 🙂 I guess I really should make these private, but oh well! Here’s my diary for the week 😀 Monday […]

Another week down, closer to having the house finished! That can’t come soon enough for me 🙂 Let’s see, the week was fairly quiet. I did housework and normal stuff […]

I’ve posted many times in the past, probably every July and August, about how these are always the two hardest months of the year for me. When I worked full-time, […]

That’s basically the update for this past week: Tim and our neighbor Rick have been rebuilding fences. 🙂 Let’s see, this past week Tim did not play golf once. He […]

Another recap of our weekend, that appears to be the only blogging I do these days! But at least that’s better than nothing. I used to blog daily, when I […]

Another uber busy weekend in the books! Not interesting for anyone else, but I like to record some of what is going on these days. Especially when we do fun […]

Well, it’s been months and so much has happened, I don’t even know where to start. I should have been blogging through this time, but of course, I did not. […]

Another block of time has passed since I was able to update the ole blog. Let’s see… I spent all of last week getting ready for the garage sale for […]

Well, I have now experienced the phenomenon of cleaning out your parents house. We went to Hattiesburg yesterday for another trip, with another UHaul. This time, we cleaned out every […]

I love winning things in online contests! I haven’t won anything big in a while (well, big is relative, of course). I have won a few books lately (and believe […]

I often joke with Tim about the saying “hunter/gatherer”, because that really shines through with the two of us. Tim is a hunter, but only goes out to get what […]