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Posted by Stace

A Meme of Sorts

I saw this posted on Facebook, by Sandra at Diary of a Stay Home Mom, so I swiped it for some blogging material!

Snuck out: Nope, I was a pretty non-rebellious person in my youth
Broken a bone: Not yet
Cried myself to sleep: many times
Been arrested: No way Jose
Felt lonely: Yes
Been depressed: Yes

Birthday: October 18, every single year (though I think moms need the cake and presents, they did all the work!)
Biggest fear: Alzheimers
Dream job: current lack of job!
Dream car: I don’t really have one but when I was a teenager, it was a mustang!
Dream house: Living in it right now!

Like someone: lots of people!
Love someone: lots of people, especially Tim
Have tattoos: never
Have piercings: just my ears, and I waited till college for that and still cried like a baby
Party: i was never a party girl, party to me is pajamas and hot cocoa on a Friday night!

Artist: Casting Crowns, MercyMe and lately I’m liking Adele all over again
Movie: good grief, I could never pick just one! Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings
Song: nothing really jumps out
Netflix series: don’t have/watch Netflix
Book: can’t pick one, but several have stuck with me – Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, etc
Color: red or green (I’m a Christmas loving girl!)
Animal: dogs

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook
Twitter or Instagram: Instagam
Facebook or Instagram: tied
Coke or Pepsi: neither, I can’t tolerate caffeine, but I do like root beer and Sprite!
Tea or coffee: both, more during the cooler months
Tacos or pizza: both!
Winter or summer: winter

Get married: thankfully my prince finally came!
Have kids: i wish it had been possible
Swim with sharks: heavens no!
Eat rotten food: good grief, what kind of question is that?
Marry a foreigner: probably not, I’m intensely patriotic. Thankfully Tim is too, and a veteran to boot!

Feel free to swipe, copy and paste or borrow at will 🙂

  1. Dawn Said,

    We have similar ideas of a great Friday night. 😉

    I cannot tolerate caffeine either. Makes me want to crawl right out of my own skin. No coffee, no tea, no Coke or Pepsi (I will have a Pepsi to kill a really bad headache that Advil isn’t helping, though). Oddly, chocolate is no problem for me though. LOL

  2. Vader's Mom Said,

    I posted my answers to this as well!

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