I saw this posted on Facebook, by Sandra at Diary of a Stay Home Mom, so I swiped it for some blogging material! HAVE YOU EVER: Snuck out: Nope, I […]

Weekly boring update, take four! Nothing really exciting, except we did a lot of eating out 🙂 Good thing that happened… I was treated to lots of surprises this week […]

Wow, I’ve been blogging eleven years today! That’s really very hard for me to believe. I mean, I certainly haven’t kept up with daily blogging and there were probably a […]

Boring though it might be, I’m going to give this another try 🙂 Nothing really going on around here to blog about, but the blog is called “exceedingly mundane” for […]

I know I haven’t updated the public portion of my blog in a long time. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have come and gone. I was rather happy to see […]

You wouldn’t believe that I’ve been blogging every day, but I have! I’ve just decided to switch to private blogging, which works better for me. But sometimes I miss the […]

More random tidbits that have been rolling around in my brain… you’ve been warned! It’s a scary place in there, inside my head 😀 1) Had taco salad for lunch […]

Yes, I’ve been blogging, but I just haven’t been publishing any of it. I have started to keep a sort of daily diary on my blog, but it’s all private. […]

I’m still playing catch-up. Just posted two entries trying to catch up somewhat from everything going on in July. I’ll attempt to do that here for the first nine days […]

I posted in early July about the Keurig I got for free using my Viggle points. Well, my enjoyment of my new toy was short-lived! I’m already having trouble with […]

Since my last blog post about what we have been doing was way back on July 16, I felt like I had a bit of catching up to do! I’ll […]

Apparently, I never posted here about my new little happy that I got in the mail! I shared a photo on Facebook, but thought I better record it here and […]

Wow, I have REALLY got to start blogging more often. I’m missing recording a lot of what is going on because it is taking me so long to get a […]