UPDATE – I think we figured it out, it was a simple typo. Everyone should be seeing the Pink Lilly screen when you hit this blog. Feel free to select […]

I just saw a trailer on TV for a new Disney movie coming out March 4 with Vin Diesel – The Pacifier. I hope it’s going to be good, the […]

I saw this link posted on another blog I read, and I decided to steal it! 🙂 I went and played, and it’s fun if you’re a nerd like me […]

OK, it occured to me that most of you won’t know what a meme is. After all, a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of one. Then I […]

Well, I’m really excited about my new blog… is anyone out there?! 🙂 Going to start off today with a meme – this one is for Friday, and came from […]

Well, I’m sure this will generate a lot of snickers and sneers, but hey, I don’t care. 🙂 I have always had a lot of luck winning things in my […]

Gail and I went shopping a couple of Saturdays ago, while Don and Tim went deer hunting. We stopped by the Williams Sonoma store in Northpark, and ended up buying […]

I have several sites bookmarked to check out for blogging ideas for each day of the week. I really like a lot of these sites, lots of good questions to […]

Testing with the new smilies plug-in that Tim downloaded for me And a little devil….:evil: