The latest meme from a favorite site, and always on Thursdays! Nothing is certain but death and taxes –Benjamin Franklin Onesome: Nothing is certain- Have you ever thought you had […]

I checked the site I use for the Tuesday Meme off and on all day today, and was always disappointed to find that a new set of questions had […]

Well, Tim and I just finished watching the Amazing Race on CBS. Gail suggested a year or two ago that we should give this reality show a try, and she […]

I know that I am not a person that could ever do an Atkins or South Beach type eating plan (read, that nasty four letter word, diet). I could never […]

Wow, I think we’ve set a new record on the bird feeder around here. I filled up my bird feeder with some premium (I think) bird seed on Sunday afternoon, […]

Wow, I just read about this at a message board I frequent. I had not heard about this yet, and I hate to see things like this making the news. […]

Last week, before we got this blog online, I wrote an entry in the Journal section of Hambones about some of the things that I am grateful for. I was […]

Here’s today’s meme… I liked these questions for the most part, although they can get a little detailed. Still, better than another site that I saw! These came from This […]

I just finished reading a really good little book – One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. I’ve had the paperback laying around here for a couple of months, and […]

In years gone by, we always used to have Super Bowl parties. We loved having them and having everyone here, but through the years, it has dwindled down to no […]

Another meme, I really like the idea of these! This one came from HERE 1) Do you take baths or showers? 2) Do you like the water super hot or […]

Tim and I went down to Hattiesburg on Saturday, to visit Daddy, Mark, Amanda, Ethan and Abby. We stopped at Daddy’s first, delivered a toaster oven, and Tim helped him […]

I made us some of Dodie’s No-Bake Cookies. Very fond memories for me, and they taste pretty good too! I still have the same recipe card that I copied in […]

We had one of my favorites tonight for supper. Background – Tim ate out lunch today (they went to Roadhouse Grill) and was not very hungry. I had high hopes […]

Did you wear red today? I did. Nothing fancy, just a red fleece pullover 😛 But I did wear red, for a very good reason. I hope everyone knows why […]