Programming Note

UPDATE – I think we figured it out, it was a simple typo. Everyone should be seeing the Pink Lilly screen when you hit this blog. Feel free to select a different one, but be cautious, some of them are not what we will keep, and do not line up with how I have designed things. Several will be deleted soon…. Might want to stick with the default until we straighten everything up! 🙂

Hey, anyone out there checking out my blog – thought you ought to know that I haven’t quite figured out how to make my preferred style the default one. If you’re getting an orange screen, then try scrolling down and finding the drop down box for Styles. My preferred style is Pink Lilies (I know, it’s a girl thing). Tim likes Water Play and Rubric, and I also like Type. Try one of those and you can get a better idea of what the blog is supposed to look like. Some of the other styles are going to be deleted and some of the modified to look better with my content.


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