Thursday Threesome Meme

I have several sites bookmarked to check out for blogging ideas for each day of the week. I really like a lot of these sites, lots of good questions to get you thinking and just interesting questions. Well, interesting to me anyway!

Here’s the site I used for today (Thursday) – Click Here

And, as much as I like today’s questions, I like last week’s even better! Last week’s questions (when I was not doing this and didn’t know about these sites!) were about chocolate! So, being the chocoholic I am, I am going to cheat and answer last week’s questions this week. :mrgreen:

::Light or Dark::

Onesome: Light– Light chocolate or dark chocolate? …or no chocolate at all?

Wow, hard to pick. I actually like milk chocolate the best, is that considered light? I like dark chocolate too, you would be hard pressed to find a chocolate I didn’t like!

Twosome: or– Yeah, easy stuff this week : Coffee with cream or black as night? Or maybe: colas or clear sodas? …or just water, thank you?

Well, if you’ve read my previous journal entry on Hambones about coffee, you know that background. Started drinking coffee last summer, but only with lots of sugar (Splenda) and creamer. Can’t drink it without creamer, and I almost insist on flavored creamers. Milk is ok, but not nearly as desirable to me as a flavored creamer.

Threesome: Dark– Light-colored clothing or dark clothes? Which do you prefer to wear? Angel to goth, we’re curious?

I prefer to wear dark colors on bottom (jeans normally, but I like black too), and sometimes dark on top or light, depends on what I’m wearing and what time of year it is. In the summer, I’m a lot more likely to wear a light colored top, since it gets so hot here. In the winter, I’m normally in dark colors (and lots of warm clothes) head to toe!



  1. well, ANY kind of chocolate, of course! i, unfortunately, like it all!
    coffee w/cream and sugar or other extras (like whipped cream!) is only way i can do it.
    and i wear dark clothes mostly, not gothic! just traditional dress sorta, classic blacks and stuff and reds etc. i don’t do pale colors very well!


  2. If I had to pick, would be white chocolate.

    coffee w/cream and sugar and Starbucks fat free vanilla flavoring.

    I wear dark clothes almost exclusively, got started in Washington, and continuing here. My favorite designer, is Misook. In case you wondered. Check it out at Nordstrom.
    Is there a Nordy’s in Mississippi??


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