Online Fun – Place the State

I saw this link posted on another blog I read, and I decided to steal it! 🙂 I went and played, and it’s fun if you’re a nerd like me and like things like geography.

It’s called Place the State – click Here to go there and try it for yourself! Come back and post your score.

I played, and scored 88% in 311 seconds. Those darn teeny tiny New England states are hard to get right on target if you don’t have other states around it!

Enjoy 😛


  1. ooohhh, fun! i like those kinds of things! i didn’t have too much trouble with the new england states, had trouble getting some of them to drag! but i got 90% in 340 seconds…..did you do it more than once? your time was faster than mine so i did it again to see if i could do better time wise, i kinda stopped once or twice to really look at map hard before i moved them! the 2nd time was faster but not as accurate! i moved them quickly and didn’t drop them exactly on, 88% in 211 seconds


  2. I thought you would like that one, Gail! I love that kind of stuff, history, geography, astronomy. I’m a hopeless nerd 🙂
    I played it twice, and the small N.E. ones really gave me problems, both times. I did about 20 seconds faster the second time and better accuracy. And, silly, you know I posted my best score! You did good, you bested my score and time 🙂


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