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Sep 22 2013

Hooray for Fall and New TV!

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I’m SO glad that fall is here, even though we’ll still have plenty of hot days. At least maybe the nights will start cooling off a bit, and my early morning walks will be less sweaty and stinky
We got one or two new tv shows last week, but this week, it really [...]

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Nov 21 2010

Long Overdue Update

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You know what they say about the best of intentions? Yes, that was me a couple of months ago when I thought I was back into blogging. Oh well, I really have been meaning to update the old blog! I actually don’t know where to start
Since I blogged last, we’ve [...]

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Oct 05 2010


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Once again, I don’t have anything earth-shattering to blog about. Just some random tidbits floating around in my head!
* The weather here is gorgeous! It finally feels like fall and not so much like summer. I’ve joked most of my life that we have two seasons here in the Deep South - [...]

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Sep 15 2010

Fall TV Season

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We’re huge TV junkies. I always have been and Tim has become one (not much choice when you live with me!). Of course, football is on now, and that is our most favorite thing in the whole wide world. We’ve just finished up with several “summer” shows that we like, [...]

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Nov 12 2009


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Living in the Deep South, we don’t have much fall and winter. I’ve lived here all my life, so I’m accustomed to it. As odd as it sounds, I’m very cold-natured, but I love the colder times of the year! Tonight, the weathermen are predicting a low temperature of 39. [...]

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Nov 22 2008

It’s Fall, Ya’ll

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At least down here in the South, it finally looks and feels like fall. Friday’s high was around 47 degrees, and Friday night was 25. That’s pretty chilly for us, more like winter! The trees in our yard are finally starting to shed a few of their leaves. Not all, mind [...]

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