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Posted by Stace

QOTD – Presents or Gifts or …

Christmas PresentsToday’s Christmas-themed “Question of the Day” is an easy one! It’s all about the presents or gifts under your tree. Do you wrap more presents using wrapping paper or do you use more gift bags? Do you try to wrap your presents as you go, or do you have one marathon wrapping session? Does your wrapping paper have a color theme or other theme? Or is it a mish-mash of colors, patterns and styles?

Here’s my answers – I try to wrap most of my presents, and I use an assortment of paper. Not the expensive stuff, or something with a nice coordinating theme. I buy a lot of paper from Walmart and Target the day-after Christmas and put it up for the next year. It’s whatever colors or patterns or paper catch my eye. It’s a total riot of color under my tree, not well-coordinated at all 😀 I try to wrap as I go, but I usually end up having at least one marathon wrapping session. I like to put on a Christmas movie and wrap while watching one of my favorite classics. Tim will help if I ask him – he’s good about doing the paper, then I do the bows, tags, etc. He won’t volunteer but he will help if I ask 🙂 I usually end up putting a couple of things in gift bags, but I try not to overdo it on the bags. I think it’s more fun to unwrap something on Christmas morning, rather than just opening the top of a bag and finding the present under a layer of tissue paper.

Oh, and for the record, I have only wrapped one present so far this year. I hope to get started today. The weather is dreary (raining and sleeting, we were supposed to get snow flurries, but so far, nada) and it’s a good day to stay inside and try to wrap some presents.

How about you? Do you have a well-coordinated tree as far as the presents and gifts go? Are there a lot of bags under your tree? Are you up late on Christmas Eve, still trying to wrap everything and get it under the tree, or do you have yours wrapped a couple of weeks (or months?!) ahead of time? Leave me a comment and let me know!

  1. Kimmy Said,

    There is no rhyme or reason to my wrapping process, nor is there any color/design coordination. I usually wrap sporadically, when I get time and a good amount of gifts accumulated, I start wrapping.

    I prefer wrapping over gift bags, but I do a mix of both. I also throw in a few gift baskets depending on the gift/recipient.

    I’ll just be happy when I’m done shopping!

  2. Karen Said,

    I love to wrap presents! There are usually a few gift bags under the tree, but my first choice is to wrap. The only coordinating I’ve done religiously is that Santa’s presents get their own paper. Last year, I wrapped each family member’s gifts in their own paper, because I had tons of gift wrap from a sale. But I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. I’m not organized enough! I usually wrap everything in one or two sittings. I love bows. I love special gift tags. My only disappointment — and don’t tell my family! — is that by the time they all get to doing their wrapping for MY presents, they just use whatever is left over. I know it’s not supposed to matter. But, just once, it would be nice to get a gift in paper I didn’t buy myself? Or for the tag to match the paper? I know, I know, I sound terrible. Now you know. I’m a gift wrapping snob.

  3. christy Said,

    I don’t put anything under the tree until a day or two before Christmas because Layton will unwrap everything! I do a mix of wrapping and bags. I save bags for awkwardly shaped items or things that don’t come in a box. I try to wrap as much as possible because it is less expensive and I am with you-it is more fun to unwrap!

  4. Heidi @ GGIP Said,

    I like to wrap a mix of paper and gift bags. I love the look of an assortment! I haven’t wrapped anything either. I have only purchased about 20% of the gifts!

  5. imnisland Said,

    I’m a traditionalist. I wrap. The only time I use gift bags is for a quick pressie for a birthday party one of my kids has to attend. I agree on it being more fun to tear into a gift that’s wrapped vs. one that’s just plopped in a bag.

    I wrap as I go b/c I don’t really have much to wrap.

    B/c of my kids & pets, no gifts go under the tree (when we have one) until Santa brings them on Christmas Eve while the kids are all nestled in their beds lol. When I was a kid, I looved seeing the gifts under the tree though. It was such a time of excitement & hope.

    I never have a theme w/ wrapping paper. It’s just whatever catches my eye. I like designs a little different – but not crazy – & modern, not too traditional. I just like them to look purty 😀

  6. JEN Said,

    Do you wrap more presents using wrapping paper or do you use more gift bags? I love to wrap when given the time…Miller is loving to un wrap now..so I wrap and stack in the garage.
    Do you try to wrap your presents as you go, or do you have one marathon wrapping session? Now a days…as I go…I still need to finish a few more up.
    Does your wrapping paper have a color theme or other theme? Or is it a mish-mash of colors, patterns and styles? I do have a color theme…my tree is in santas so my paper is too….

  7. Susanne Said,

    I usually wrap as much as I can unless it’s an unusual shape and then it’s a bag. For my three kids it’s a tradition that I wrap all of each child’s presents in one kind of paper. I don’t tag them. Then on Christmas morning they all have to hunt in the living room for an envelope with their name on it and in the envelope is their paper cut into pieces. When they were little the paper was cut into quite bigger pieces like a puzzle but now that they are teens I shred it in the cross shredder and I buy their paper to be very similar. LOL. I know I’m a big meanie. But now that they are older it’s fun to put them out earlier and watch it drive them nuts trying to figure out which one is theirs. :vD

  8. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    Our patterns are similar. My gift wrap is a mishmash, but because I like red, there’s lots of that. Also, I wrap a little as I go, but I usually have to have one long session at the end for the kids’ stuff. I don’t put their stuff out early because it is just too tempting for them! I like doing paper as much as possible because it is more fun to open, but I do use bags for some things if they are difficult to wrap.

  9. annie Said,

    I try to coordinate everything and wrap as I go…

  10. Kim Said,

    Hi Stacey–
    Great question! I usually buy a pack of wrap at Costco and usually all the rolls are somewhat coordinated. I tend to like reds, greens, golds and silvers.

    I have not wrapped one gift!! Gasp! Kerry always helps me–he does the paper and I do the ribbons and bows. I love to have lots of curly/shredded ribbon so everything looks fancy–I didn’t think my “men” really cared about the ribbon but when I mentioned just sticking a pre-bought bow on top they were all sad at that prospect–so, ribbons it will be. When Kerry and I wrap, we put on a long movie, like It’s a Wonderful Life.

    Nothing is going under the tree until Christmas morning this year–the tree is not in our former formal living room which was closed off with French doors as that room is now our bedroom. The tree is out in the family room where my cats can roam–and they eat the before mentioned curled ribbons! I think they think it is grass of some kind.

    Just wanted to say I love your blog background-so very festive!

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