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Posted by Stace

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Things in My Refrigerator

Thanks to Chaotic Home for the banner!

This week, I’m posting 13 things that I always have in my refrigerator these days. Some with pictures, some with recipe links. Enjoy!

1. Milk – we drink only fat-free skim, but we drink a lot. For the two of us, we go through 2-3 gallons a week!

2. Orange Juice – my hubby doesn’t drink it, just me. I only drink pulp-free, I’m picky that way πŸ™‚

Milk and OJ on the door

3. Eggs – thankfully, I’ve never listened to the PTB (powers that be) who said eggs were bad for you. I buy eggs every week, and we eat them a lot. I boil them to add to salads, I make egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, etc for lunch often. We eat a lot of breakfast food, even at night. I love to bake, and most of my recipes call for eggs.

4. Yogurt – the hubby won’t touch this with a ten foot pole. Thank goodness, they’re all mine. My yogurt of choice:

Yoplait Yogurt

5. Creamer – my husband will only drink plain, black coffee. I can’t drink it that way. I have to add Splenda and some kind of flavored creamer. Lately, it’s been fat-free french vanilla and this one, fat free cinnamon vanilla creme:


6. Hoisin Sauce – love this stuff. I use it for this salmon recipe, as well as for this Cooking Light Chicken and Cabbage dish, and these chicken “buns” that my husband says tastes sort of like the “yakimandu” he ate while stationed in Korea. We love hoisin!

Hoisin Sauce

7. Hershey’s Chocolate syrup – gotta have chocolate milk sometimes! We also always pour chocolate syrup over homemade vanilla ice cream.

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

8. Allegro Spicy Marinade – my husband will only grill steaks if we marinate them in this stuff, he adores it:

Allegro Spicy Marinade

9. Marinated Mushrooms – I have been buying these things for years from Sam’s Club. We both love them. I keep them on hand to toss into green salads, and we love to just eat them right from the jar!

Marinated Mushrooms

10. On the Border Salsa – another item I’ve been buying for years from Sam’s Club. We really like this jarred salsa. We use it for chips, obviously, but mostly I use it to cook with. I make this shredded chicken to use in a chicken version of taco salad, in enchiladas, or just rolled up in tortillas for a quick wrap. I also use salsa for this recipe for Crockpot Chicken Santa Fe. This is one of my favorite things to make; not surpisingly, I just made it a few days ago!

On the Border Salsa

11. Maple Syrup – I buy this at Sam’s Club too…. We both love pancakes, and I love to make this Maple BBQ pulled chicken to have on sandwiches. We both really prefer it to bbq or sloppy joes.

Maple Syrup

12. Lipton Diet Green Tea – I’ve been on a kick with these this summer. I love these things:

Lipton Diet Green Tea bottles

13. Sourdough Bread Starter This is the sourdough bread starter that my sister graciously shared with me several months ago. (hard to see in the picture, I took this picture on Wednesday, the day I “feed” it and it sort of bubbles at the top). I love to bake and love to make bread. I have a bread machine that I’ve used for years and years, but we love this stuff too… nothing like homemade bread hot out of the oven, even in the summer!

Sourdough Bread Starter

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  1. Dawn Said,

    is that white chocolate raspberry i see in item 4?? yum.

  2. Wendy Said,

    I love Yoghurt myself… Though I prefer milk in my coffee… Not creamer… wow you bake bread at home!!!! I love home baked bread… Don’t have the time to do it myself though

    Nice list…

  3. Something's Missing Said,

    Thanks for the ideas — I have never tried Hoisin, but now I will!

    My My Thursday Thirteen is up!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Dianne Said,

    I’m always looking for new kinds of salsa to try – I’ll have to check that stuff at Sam’s out. Is in the cold foods or canned foods section?

    Am with you on baking bread. I don’t do it as much as it sounds like you do but more than most. My favorite is Challah but I would like to try some sourdough bread.

    Great list!

  5. Meredith Said,

    If I didn’t have creamer, I don’t think I could function!

    Cute list! Happy TT. Mine is up, too.

  6. carmen Said,

    I have two gallons of milk in my fridge, for use with the chocolate sauce you have pictured. πŸ™‚

  7. Goddess In The City Said,

    Wow! You make your own sourdough bread and vanilla ice cream. I’m impressed.

  8. modern princess Said,

    What a fun list! I may have to steal this idea for a future tt of mine.

  9. KarenW Said,

    That’s a lot of milk for 2 people! I’m with you on the OJ. I like it pulp free and my hubby likes extra pulp. Ugh! My TT is up!

  10. Raggedy Said,

    I love hershey’s syrup…yummmmm
    Good list!
    My TT is up

  11. Chris Said,

    1. That OJ was pretty darn good. I may have to try buying some of that instead of my regular.
    2. Cinnamon does not go in coffee. Vanilla…ok….sugar…ok….milk…ok….cinnamon…NO.
    3. Thats a BIG thing of maple syrup!

  12. Gail Said,

    I love key lime in that yogurt! And keep hoisin & that tea too…yep gave you that sourdough starter, oops, hope mine is still alive! I might need some back!

  13. Bev Said,

    Oh, your husband was stationed in Korea? Mine was too and he almost went native. πŸ˜‰ When he came back I had to go out and get a Korean cookbook so I could try to make him some of the things he had there. A Korean family kind of adopted him, fed him, taught him Korean, and took him around the country to show him things. He’s blonde and was a big hit. He said he’d be walking in the street and people would come up and want to touch his hair . He loved it over there. His favorite food (besides Kim-chee) was Beef ‘n Bok.

  14. Southern Girl Said,

    Mmm, you’ve made me hungry! I have never had hoisin, but we eat quite a bit of salmon, so maybe I need to get some of that. Mostly we marinade ours in Italian dressing.

    My TT is up! Hope you’ll come by and visit. πŸ™‚

  15. Jenn Said,

    Great list! Not sure we could function with out egg’s either!

  16. deb Said,

    You always have the best recipes, Stacy! I’ve printed off the salmon recipe. We’re having salmon tonight for dinner with couscous and black beans. It’s Scott’s favorite meal πŸ™‚
    I *think* I have the hoisin sauce in the fridge…I’ll have to check when I get home from work.

    I eat that same Yoplait yogurt, too, and just discovered the Boston Creme Pie flavor. My favorite is the vanilla because I always mix in fresh fruit and a little granola for flavor.

    Is that marinade a local item? I’ve never seen that brand but I’d love to try it sometime. Maybe I can find it online.

    Enjoyed you TT! Hope you’re having a great Thursday :))

  17. GreekGoddess Said,

    I love baking bread too.. with bread machine or not… nothing like warm bread with butter.. yummm

  18. Margie Mix Said,

    Bread starter! I have that also. Now I’m craving to whip out the bread machine. And I get the eggs thing we go through 2 dozen a week if allowed. Great and cheap option for Atkin’s dieting also. Great 13. -Margie

  19. presentstorm Said,

    Hey what a cool idea for a TT… Do you mind if I borrow the theme sometime? Thanks for the recipe links.. I will have to go check them out right now πŸ™‚

  20. Pass the Torch Said,

    I would be frightened to know all that’s in my frig. I suppose I should go find out, eh?

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

  21. Trish Said,

    WOW what a great list. Thanks for sharing! HAPPY TT!

  22. Ridzuan Said,

    ok #7 rocks!

    Happy Thursday!

  23. Lisa Said,

    MMMMMM, I love the yogurt choices. And the Hersheys! Yummy Yummy! I think I am hungry now. Have a great Thursday!

  24. Mysterious Lady Said,

    I have that same bottle of hersey’s Chocolate Syrup, and it goes on the Chocolate Almond ice cream in my freezer. mmmmm…

  25. YellowRose Said,

    I’ve been wondering about the Green tea, gonna have to try it.

    Cute idea for a 13, Happy Thursday!

  26. Cindi Said,

    Great 13. I would have to do a Thursday 50 to even mention all the crap hiding in my fridge.


  27. Kailani Said,

    I love mushroom but have never seen a jar of marinated ones. I’m going to have to go to Sam’s and check it out! Happy T13!

  28. Magnolia Mom Said,

    My husband loves Allego marinade.

    Yes, the Canon Rebel is awesome. I’m still learning how to use it though.

    Thanks for visiting me site!

  29. tbirdonawire Said,

    Milk for sure, yogurt most of the time and green tea too. Oh, and let’s not forget the chocolate syrup!!

    Great list!

  30. Ocean Lady Said,

    The marinated mushrooms sound really good and all things spicy. I bookmarked the recipe url for the salmon with hoison sauce. I’ve never had that sauce b4, and it looks like it could taste yummy.

  31. Skittles Said,

    OHHH you have a fridge. I would love to have coffe with you someday. πŸ˜‰ This is a great TT. Have you tried Vanilla toffee caramel by International Delight? I love it in my coffee.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  32. Lady Jane Said,

    What a yummy list! I love to cook too. The Crockpot Chicken Santa Fe sounds really good too!

  33. Christina Said,

    I’m very picky about OJ too. I will only drink pulp-free and then I don’t even like all of the brands. And hoisin sauce is yummy! I’ve found a lot of good recipes that use it.

  34. laura Said,

    yum, sour dough bread!
    thanks for visiting my 13 this week.

  35. NOLADawn Said,

    I’m hooked on the Green Tea too πŸ™‚ Great idea for a list! Thanks for visiting my TT!

  36. Bellezza Said,

    I noticed you like Yoplait yoghurt; have you tried their custard style? or mousse? It’s so good it’s almost like dessert. Thanks for visiting, I enjoyed hearing from you and seeing your list as well.

  37. Les Said,

    oh yum… that last one… is that like the friendship bread where you keep feeding it and then pass it on or make bread… I really need to find some of that around… or better yet, just get the recipe to start it!!

    Happy TT!!

  38. Karen Said,

    marinated mushrooms? my husband would love those, I’ll have to look for them! have a great weekend!

  39. christen Said,

    what are the mushrooms marinated in? that sounds really interesting.

    my 13 are up too at

  40. southernfriedgirl Said,

    What on earth is hoison sauce?

    I have always wondered if the Sam’s salsa was good. I might have to grab some up. I always use tostitos kind – restaurant style. Yum.

  41. Erica Said,

    Thanks for visiting my TT. Your list was fun. My hubby loves the On the Border Salsa..they sell it at the commissary. I am going to have to try your recipe. I bet he’d love it.

  42. kristarella Said,

    I prefer marinated steak. I like eggs too. Had Hoisin at the vietnamese restaurant last week. Yum! Chocolat sauce and Maple syrup are gooood. We get Cadbury’s (not much Hershey’s down here) and Camp’s Maple Syrup

  43. Waya Said,

    You mentioned your hubbie was stationed in Korea, ask him if he ever tried kimchi? It’s stinky but so good! My hubbie is Korean and I’m hooked on that stuff.

  44. pupski Said,

    great list – mm feel hungry now!

  45. sugarfused.net » Feasting on a Sunset Said,

    […] Dessert When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it? Just last night I tried a new recipe that Stacy shared in her Thursday Thirteen yesterday for Maple-Hoisin Glazed Salmon. It was scrumptious…thanks Stacy! Scott loved it! […]

  46. Karen Said,

    My husband takes his coffee black as well, and I love me some good creamer! That fat free vanilla is so good, but I will have to try to cinnamon!

  47. mamichelle Said,

    Wow, Stacy, you have a lot of people reading your blog!!!!

    I LOVE yoplait light. My fav is the apple turnover one. And I can’t live without my ff Coffeemate french vanilla!

  48. Missi Said,

    You will not believe how jealous I am over your yogurt selection!! Here in the “sticks” we don’t get that selection. They gave us an apple turnover one once, I loved it and then they never sold it again, the most variety I get now is strawberry bananna or strawberry. hmph

    I love Green Tea, but I like the Arizona. And, Hershey syrup, I would have a revolt happening if I didn’t have it in my house! LOL I would be lynched.

  49. Pixiepincessmom Said,

    Picante sauce is great to cook with! My friend has a garlic lime chicken recipe that I’ve just got to try.

    I LOVE Green Tea w/citrus! πŸ™‚

  50. Karla Said,

    Yum! A list about food is a great list! =) I think it’s time to go eat my lunch now. =)
    Thanks for stopping by to check out my list! =)

  51. Susan Said,

    Just wanted to send my greetings and say I have never heard of “Hoisin Sauce”. I appreciate you stopping by my TT yesterday.

    Have a GREAT weekend.

  52. TC Said,

    Great TT! I love flavored creamers! I am going to save your recipes to give them a shot. they sound yummy!

  53. mama kelly Said,

    hubby and i both drink our coffee with flavored creamer and splenda

    and I agree with you about pulp in my OJ – YUCK

  54. MamaDuck Said,

    What a great idea for a T13!! Sorry I’m late!

  55. Susie Said,

    That Diet Green Tea is delicious! I saw it at the store once (on sale) so I decided to try it, thinking I probably wouldn’t care for it. But I did! It’s so much better for you than cokes and stuff like that (although I do have my share of sodas). I’ve never tried Hoisin Sauce but will keep my eye open for some at the grocery store! πŸ™‚

  56. Trista Said,

    I loved your TT! I don’t participate in this particular meme but I of course read EVERYTHING in your blog. πŸ˜‰

    1. I am a 2% gal. I LOVE MILK!
    2. I don’t care for OJ. Hubby drinks his pulp free like you.
    We keep excess of both at all times in the house.
    3. We always have eggs too. I use them all of the time. I did want to say that I remember when eggs were deemed a bad food, and now they are on the healthy list again. Who knows. I grew up basically on a farm. We had a ton of chickens among other farm critters, but I digress. I LOVE farm eggs. The large brown ones are the best. You cannot believe how much richer tasting a farm fresh egg is from store bought. The yolks are even darker. Anyway…I had a bad experience with a farm fresh egg once, and needless to say spent many a year not wanting to touch another “liquid chicken” if you know what I mean. I have since got over that little issue, and enjoy eggs these days. Sorry for the ramble, now where was I? Oh yes…
    4. I have never acquired a taste for yogurt. I do like a new yogurt drink called Nourishe, but it is too expensive to drink on a regular basis. I am too cheap!
    5. The only coffee I drink comes all fru-frued up and is from Starbucks, so no creamer for me. Although, on the rare occasion that I do drink a cup of coffee, I usually prefer milk and sugar to any of the substitute flavors.
    6. Never heard of or used Hoison sauce. Then again, I am in the south, that may be a territorial thing.
    7. Hershey’s syrup is good on ice cream, but for chocolate milk, we like Nestle Quik syrup. We keep strawberry and chocolate nestle in our fridge!
    8. The spicy marinade sounds good, but Alan is not too keen on things being too spicy. We use our share of marinades and rubs, but usually on the sweet side.
    9. I love mushrooms, and those sound great. I am the only one that eats them, so I generally buy some fresh mushrooms to use on a salad or I will saute them for a meal.
    10. OTB Salsa is great, and I like the chips that they have at Sam’s too.
    11. We use syrup quite a bit. Pancakes, waffles, and French Toast Sticks. We don’t really have a favorite brand. I tend to buy whatever I have a coupon for.
    12. I have never tried the green tea, but have wanted to.
    13. I love sourdough bread. I bought a starter the other day at a deep discount. A store was going out of business, and everything had to go. I whipped up a loaf the other day, and Alan and I snacked on it before the load even cooled off. I love fresh bread smothered in butter. YUM!

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