A Little of This…

and a little of that!

Today is Friday, and here’s a few bulleted things going on:

* Yesterday I went to the dentist. Glad to get that checkup over with for another 6 months! Up next is the *other* doctor, in the late fall. That’s the one I really dread!

* Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s birthday. We had to call several times to catch her, she’s a very popular and busy lady on her birthday 🙂 Beau did his singing/barking rendition to Happy Birthday on the phone, always a hit. We will get to see her Sunday after church, for a belated birthday lunch.

* Today I took Beau for a walk. Not back to daily, but better, that’s three times this week. Tim’s foot is better, since he played golf yesterday. Better enough for golf, not for walking in the subdivision with me and Beau, LOL!

* This morning, I let Beau out back and he saw a squirrel, I heard his bark. Yes, he has different barks for different things, and yes, I can tell them apart. Then I heard what sounded like the snake bark. Sure enough, he’s got a snake coiled up next to the fence, and I finally got him to back away, so the snake proceeded to slither into some shrubs nearby. I screamed (bloody murder, at the top of my lungs scream) for Tim, who came with a hoe. For a change, he actually killed this snake. Thank goodness! Usually, he says they are “good snakes” and leaves them alone.

* I’m knocking another item off my to-try list this morning. I’m going to try to make homemade flour tortillas. I hope they turn out!

Got a semi busy weekend ahead. Tim is back to playing golf, we have a Saints preseason game on TV, and then the family birthday lunch for Linda on Sunday. Then Tim has to work all Sunday night on a big project. Busy bee!


  1. Good to get the dentist out of the way. I had to have a root canal done recently. It wasn’t that bad, though. I don’t like the other thing, either, but has to be done once in a while. Sorry Tim has. Sore foot. Plantar fasciitis is no fun, but does eventually get better.


  2. Black snakes are the “good” ones because they keep other ones away. I would rather have one black snake than a whole mess of others! ::shudder::


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