Just Sayin’

Have you ever heard that phrase about “don’t go to the grocery store hungry” ??

I can vouch for that, first hand. Today, I went around lunch time and I wasn’t hungry when I left to run errands. By the time I got to the grocery and all that food, I was ravenous. I wanted to eat everything I laid my eyes on!

I rarely splurge and get things that aren’t on my list. And I tend to not buy junk food and have it in the house, because I will EAT IT.

Today, I came home with two boxes of cookies. Ay-yi-yi!

Let the sugar coma commence!


  1. LOL, I think I work up an appetite just going to the grocery store! You are so good for sticking to your list.


  2. Oh boy, you did it this time! LOL I try really hard not to do that because it’s so true. I don’t always stick to the list, like I should!

    Have a good weekend, Stace!

    p.s. I haven’t updated….I’ve been a bad blogger.


  3. I know all about going to the grocery store hungry. It is an accident waiting to happen! And if I take one of my boys with me and they are hungry too? Oh my goodness!


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