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Weekly boring update, take six! This one is short and sweet, not a lot going on this week and very little to blog about 🙁

Glad that… Things are quiet and nothing earth-shattering is going on! Nice, quiet, even-keeled week. We had a beautiful sunset on Tuesday; I dragged out the big camera and took a few shots, but believe me, it was more breathtaking earlier, I took a wee bit too long to get my camera:

Sad that… I tried a new recipe for frosted brownies to take to Bible Study this week. They were ok, but nowhere near as good as my regular brownies. Why I try new recipes sometimes, I don’t understand. I sort of feel like I threw away many dollars worth of ingredients trying something new 🙁

Book I’m reading: Finished reading “Midnight on the Mississippi” by Mary Ellis – it’s a library download. I was very discouraged to see a small notice on my library’s digital website that they are changing systems, and I will have nearly a month long period where I can’t download titles. You would think that I don’t have approximately 1300 free and paid books in my Kindle cloud reader. Sigh. No, I’m just a wee bit upset that my library won’t let me download for a few weeks, LOL! Anyway, Midnight on the Mississippi was good and that was my first book by Mary Ellis but hopefully won’t be my last. Went back to the one I had been reading before, “Blue Moon Bay” by Lisa Wingate. Finished it Saturday and started a new one, another library download, “No One to Trust” by Lynette Eason. I always enjoy her books, and look! Another library download while I still can! 😀

Things we ate: Sunday, Tim surprised me after church and offered to take me out to eat Chinese! My favorite, so he knows I never turn down an offer like that. We ate so much at lunch that I didn’t have to cook Sunday night, we just had popcorn. Monday, we were both feeling bad for indulging so much lately that I just fixed us each a huge salad. Tuesday, I made pork chops with sauerkraut. Wednesday, I had to bake to take food to Bible Study Thursday morning (frosted brownies), so I took the easy route and made a big pot of taco soup. Thursday, I was in the mood for breakfast food (yes, again), so we had egg mcmuffins, grits and sausage for supper after Tim got in from playing golf. Friday and Saturday, we had a big lunch out both days, so we ended up eating either cereal or popcorn for supper.

TV and Movies: Nothing stand out here, regular shows and lots of back episodes of “Brain Games”. They had a marathon last weekend and I recording approximately 30 episodes, it seems like, on the DVR. We’re working through them one or two a night. Watched all the regulars like Blacklist (not as creepy this week, thank goodness), Elementary, Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five O, NCIS, etc.

Something that makes me happy: – new chalkboard art crafted by my husband (I’ve figured him out, each time I change the wreaths on the door for a new holiday, he keys in on drawing a new design on his coffee bean jar!):

Fun Thing We Did: – Tried a new-to-us restaurant, a chain called Genghis Grill. We were across town running errands and stopped in to try the “create your own stir fry” concept. Mine was really good, and Tim enjoyed his. I used mostly ginger and citrus seasoning and he used hotter stuff, so we were both happy 🙂

Random Thought du Jour: Does anyone else feel guilty to spend money going through the car wash? I grew up washing cars in the driveway. You drag out the garden hose, get some soap and wash it. It’s cheap, but it is work. Tim really enjoys driving the vehicles through the car wash. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like having a clean vehicle and I’m even giddier knowing he thinks of me and does mine for me. But I always feel more than a wee bit guilty that we’re spending that money driving through the car wash….

Hope everyone is having a great day!

  1. Dawn Said,

    That’s the thing with sunrises and sunsets. You blink and it changes. I have gotten to the point where I keep my camera (in its bag) tucked between my spot on the couch and the side table, so it’s ready to grab and go at a moment’s notice. Then I can play with settings on it once I’m out there. I keep it stored with the lens I like best for sunrise/sunset too, so I’m not spending precious seconds changing it. (I think I have a problem. LOL)

    Bummer on the library downloads. But maybe the new system will have more to offer? I know you said there were some series they didn’t have in complete.

    New recipes are always a toss up. You just don’t know what you’re getting. I would say about 35% of them I/we love as is, about 50% we make tweaks to our personal tastes, and 15% we vow to never do again (some we can’t even eat at all). Even though it’s discouraging to spend the money, ingredients, and time on a flop, I always remind myself that my favorite recipes were all, at one time, ones I hadn’t tried yet!

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