Feedly – I’m Happy!

I think I’ve been blogging for about eight years, give or take. Granted, lately blogging has been sporadic at best. When I first started, I blogged every day. Then when I backed off that, I blogged regularly, capturing most of what was going on in our daily lives. These days, I do good to not go more than 3 months without a post. I’ve gone nearly a year or so, I think, before I picked it back up. However, I do seem to pick it back up.

The other side of that coin is all of the blogs out there that I have been reading, some of them for 8 years. When Google Reader first came out, I jumped on it and really loved it. When they announced earlier this year that Google was discontinuing its Reader service, I was sorta bummed. I *thought* I researched it well and found a couple of good replacements. One was a Mac App called Cappuccino. It worked great and I loved it – until Google discontinued Reader on June 30. Then, Cappuccino stopped working completely. I was devastated. Luckily, I had a backup in an app called Feedly. I had set it up on both my Mac and my iPad. I mostly read blogs from my laptop, but I thought it was setup. And it was, but I was not good about updating it or using it very often. I still had Cappuccino which I much preferred. But I didn’t research that app enough and they had no path to migration once Google Reader was gone. I messed up, big time. And when I started using Feedly, I got errors. I contacted their support and expected to get a canned response or not a response for a while, since they were probably migrating millions of users from Google Reader.

However – I was totally surprised! Feedly answered me almost immediately, and I traded emails with a couple of people who were professional, helpful, responsive and overall, truly fantastic. They told me that I fell into a small window of people who had set it up, but then not checked or updated, and they were working on a fix. I didn’t have a lot of hope for that happening for a while. They also said they were updating their app, and waiting on Apple to approve it. To my surprise, the fix was rolled out the next morning (after I had contacted them at 7 PM one night). It worked flawlessly, and I was up and running on my laptop. The app took a few more days (which I am sure is on Apple’s side) and when it was rolled out, the errors disappeared and it worked perfect as well. It syncs to the Feedly cloud and when I read a blog post on one platform, it knows on the other. Needless to say, I’m very happy. Feedly seems to be a great app and very responsive to its customers. I’m a happy camper now that I’ve switched! I’ve adapted to their format and actually really like it now.



  1. I need to bring my laptop to you and let you show me how to use feedly!


  2. I have the feedly app on my phone with no problem. But I didn’t do anything with feedly on my laptop and when I go to “feedly.com”, it just comes up with a blank page. I think I am slowly but surely going to subscribe to blogs using bloglovin.com. I follow a ton of teacher blogs and most of them already have a “bloglovin” follow button. I do follow your blog in both readers. I just don’t comment if I’m reading blogs on my iPhone. Catching up with comments while on my laptop today. Glad feedly worked out for you!


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