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Posted by Stace

For the Love of a Letter

Letter t I’ve seen this going around the blogosphere quite a bit, so I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and play along. My sister Gail recently played, and she tagged me with the letter “T”.

Here’s the quick and dirty: ItÒ€ℒs time for some alphabet fun. The goal of the game – List 10 things you love that begin with the letter you are assigned.

Sounds easy, huh? You know what, I came up with more things I didn’t like that start with T than I do like, hehehehe!

1. Tim – easy and should count for more than one. He’s my best friend and partner for life. {Hint: I think he may be why Gail picked the letter T for me!) :mrgreen:

2. Towels – hot out of the dryer, especially in the winter. Nothing like an armful of warm, cozy, fluffy towels.

3. TV – it goes without saying that I’m a TV aholic. We watch a ton of TV and I have a long list of shows that I like. Surprisingly, none of them start with the letter T!

4. Tivo – or in our case, the DVR from our cable company (ok, I’m cheating a little here). However did we live without the ability to pause live tv, rewind live TV and record two shows at one time? I can’t remember and I never want to go back. πŸ˜€

5. Technology – Tim and I are gadget freaks. We love anything and everything technological. Our plasma TV, our DVR, DVD’s, the Wii, my PDA, our computers, my iPod, etc.

6. Thunderstorms – I actually like bad weather, at least to some degree. I used to go stand outside on our front porch with my dad growing up, and I like to go out now when it’s raining and thundering and lightening. I usually have to stay inside with the dog though, although Beau is not as scared of bad weather as our other dog Sally used to be.

7. Takeout – I love getting Chinese takeout and ordering Papa John’s pizza. We never get Dominos or Pizza Hut, always always Papa John’s. πŸ˜€

8. Tennessee – At least the Gatlinburg area. We got married in a little wedding chapel in Gatlinburg, spent our honeymoon there, and have gone back several times. I love that area and love going up there on vacation.

9. Tea – iced tea if it’s sweet or I have Splenda to add to unsweetened tea (I can’t drink it without something added). Sometimes, hot tea in the winter when it’s cold or if I have a sore throat. You know though, I actually like coffee more than tea now, but darn, I didn’t get the letter C! πŸ™‚

10.T-shirts – I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. My favorite t-shirts are my Life is Good ones. Long sleeve or short sleeve, I love them all and can’t get enough of them!

Whew! If you want to play along, hop on over to Gail’s original post and leave a comment… I’m sure she’d be glad to pick you out a letter so you can play too!

  1. annie Said,

    I ♥ tivo too! My MIL and SIL love the life is good t’s and I find them at marshalls for great great prices. Have you shopped there for them?

  2. Karen Said,

    You came up with some good ones~! I’m with you on the tea, towels and thunderstorms. Not so much on the technology, but I sure do admire you technies for understanding all the stuff that makes my world go round!

  3. Gail Said,

    You did great, I like those! And I can’t believe you came up with more you didn’t like! I thought sure you’d put Target on this list. πŸ™‚
    I wish I’d thought to put a letter graphic up like some of you smart chickiees did! You’re more techie than me.

    And you can assign the letter if anyone wants to do it in your comments, if you want!

  4. Sally Said,

    I’m with you on the iced tea. I like mine with sweetner and lots (at least three slices) of lemon.

  5. mamichelle Said,

    Wow, you came up with some great ones, Stace!!

    Have a great one!

  6. Eden Said,

    Love your list, Stace! I did this the other day!

  7. Simply Dawn Said,

    I love Newks Tea made with Splenda. It’s my favorite one of them all…hehe

    If you love the thunderstoms you guys should really think about Rankin County. Seems like for a while there we’d get the worst ones and I’m a sissy when it comes to stomrs. (you’ll find me hiding somewhere waiting for it to pass. LOL )

    Fun list πŸ™‚

  8. YellowRose Said,

    This looks fun…I am with you on the Iced Tea, I have to have Splenda in mine and I drink it all day long!

    I like thunderstorms too, though I get tend to migraines…so it’s a love/hate relationship. LOL

    As a kid we spent many summer vacations in Tennessee at our grandparents, loved the mountains!

  9. Susanne Said,

    You did pretty good. Those are all great!

  10. Meredith Said,

    I love this idea. And I love your T’s. I also love Thursdays!

  11. Dianne Said,

    oooh I love my Life Is Good Tshirts too! just ordered myself a few new ones off their website – on sale for $17.50. short sleeve but hey, it’s better than paying $25! loved your T list!!

  12. Desert Songbird Said,

    As we’ve already learned about each other, we are gadget freaks in this household, as well. Whenever hubby or I get a new “toy,” we pass down the older one to the kids. My son is dying for me to get a new iPod. *grin*

  13. JEN Said,

    I enjoy thunderstorms and take out also…they seem to go together dont they? I’m playing catch up this week…..its hard. Hope you are enjoying your bloggy break.

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