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Posted by Stace

Food 4 Thought Friday

Time for another Friday meme, to end the week. 🙂 You can go check it out here if you want to join in!

Food 4 Thought Friday Meme

Food 4 Thought Friday

What is one thing you look forward to each day? Each week?
Each day, spending time with Tim and Beau. Reading. Coffee. Chocolate. 🙂

Are you a hoarder or a chucker?
Beyond the shadow of any doubt, a hoarder!

Do your dinner meals consist mostly of home cooked meals, convenience foods (i.e. boxed, frozen, heat & serve, etc.), or fast food? Who does most of the cooking in your home?
Mostly home-cooked. We go out once a week or pick up food once or twice, usually on the weekends. I cook dinner most every night and since Tim starting working from home, we normally eat 3 meals a day here. I do the majority of the cooking, but he loves to grill out and will always help out if I ask him. 🙂

Midnight Snack
Has the rising cost of gasoline caused you to restrict, limit, or alter anything in your life? If so what?
I have tried to cut down on my errands and combine them into one trip. No quick runs to one place here or one place there, on different days of the week. I try to save them all up, as much as I can, and knock them all out in one trip.

Recipe for this Week (instead of your recipe for life – what is it for just this week?) Hmmm…. how about, be kind to one another. 🙂

  1. Gail Said,

    Chocolate, yummm! And reading! Although I’m trying to cut back on sweets/chocolate, no fun.

  2. Sally Said,

    Your recipe is the BEST!

  3. annie Said,

    I try to combine trips too, gas is crazy high!

  4. mamichelle Said,

    I played!!

    Yes, I do look forward to my first cup of coffee in the a.m.

    Yes, I completely agree with your recipe. I said basically the same. I have had someone snub me and I kept being nice anyway. She finally smiled today!!

  5. Susanne Said,

    Gas just went down quite low this week compared to the ridiculous rate it was raised to the day before the hurricane was supposed to hit. But I’m still trying to combine several errands into one trip.

  6. YellowRose Said,

    Ummmmm Chocolate!! lol

    We eat out way too much, but it’s really cheaper, and I really hate to cook! LOL

  7. JEN Said,

    I have done the same with gasoline…I combine all my trips to 2 days a week..this week through me for a loop so I will have to get back on track Monday.

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