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Posted by Stace

There are….

Labor Day cookout

There are definitely not any vegetarians in our house!

We had our big Labor Day party on Monday, which this year was also a combination “live draft” party for our family fantasy football league, and a Hurricane Gustav hanging out party as well. My dad came up on Sunday and stayed with us, then everyone else came on Monday. We ate a lot of food – ribs, smoked sausage, hot dogs, potato salad, crunchy slaw, chips, spinach and artichoke dip, salmon dip, veggies, cookies and chess squares. We had the live draft, which was a first for us. Then, we all had a good time playing the Wii and hanging out. I think our Wii was on for nearly 11 hours before it was finally cut off 😀

Tuesday I spent cleaning house and today I have to do more of that, plus laundry and a grocery run. It’s still raining here some from the remnants of Hurricane Gustav. We were very very lucky though, the storm went to the south and west of us, so we have only had some wind and rain from it. It’s rained 3 days so far here, and hopefully today will be the last day. We have had no damage though, no trees or even limbs blown down and we didn’t lose power, so that was awesome.

Hope you have a great day!

  1. Meredith Said,

    Glad Gustav passed you by for the most part! I think most of the south is dealing with the same rain you are. I know my friends in Arkansas are tired of it!

    Man, those ribs look amazing!!! My mouth is watering!!!

  2. Susanne Said,

    So glad the storm missed you.

    That bbq looks yummy! We did nothing. Sweet nothing.

  3. Sandra Said,

    I just had breakfast but I could seriously eat some of that meat right now…. *drool*

    So glad Gustav missed you guys 😉

  4. dianne Said,

    Looks good, sounds like a fun weekend! For some reason, I’ve been craving ribs lately and those look awesome.

    I’m glad Gustav was gentle with you.

  5. Sally Said,

    That picture makes my mouth water!

    I’m glad that you guys escaped any damage.

  6. Christy Said,

    I am glad you didn’t get any damage! I worried about my family and friends in Jackson.

  7. Heidi Said,

    Yum Yum! My husband does the live drafts for Fantasy at home. No one has ever had a party for it though.

  8. Gail Said,

    I think you live with a meat lover! It was good, we enjoyed it……the live draft was, interesting! I’m so way out of my league playing that with all you football people. This Gustav thing has stalled out over Arkansas Don thought and that’s why we’re getting so much rain but I’m way tired of it.

  9. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    Have you seen the Wendy’s commercial where the guy says “I’m a meatatarian?” You can say that as well!

  10. annie Said,

    I think I could be a vegetarian. But, I do love grilled stuff… it looks yummy.

  11. Karen Said,

    I’m so glad you were missed by Gustav. OMG (as my daughter would say). That bbq looks Mahvelous!! YUM!

  12. Fresh Girl Said,

    Your menu sounds incredible! All that protein makes me hungry. 😉 Glad you survived Gustav unscathed!

  13. Desert Songbird Said,

    Oh man! I’m dying from all that wonderful, barbecued goodness!

  14. mamichelle Said,

    So glad you fared well through the storm.

    Now you are killing ME with the BBQ! Love ribs & brats!!

  15. Brit' Gal Sarah Said,

    OMG Stacey and here I am married to a butcher lol!

    Thanks for the great football info’, very handy

  16. JEN Said,

    I’m so glad you dodged a huge bullet. WOW! The food sounds and looks great. i love BBQ’S as well.

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