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Posted by Stace

Food 4 Thought Friday

I played along to this meme last week, and decided to do so again today. Fun questions! Go check it out here if you want to join in!

Food 4 Thought Friday Meme

Food 4 Thought Friday

If you were given one extra hour everyday – how would you use that time?
Oh, probably sleep! I love to sleep and I require a lot of sleep. If not, then I’d probably read a book.

What is your favorite season and why?
I love fall and winter. Around here, they are basically the same, since we don’t get a lot of really cold weather. After our long, hot summers though, any break is always wonderful and when fall truly gets here (sometimes not till November), then it’s so appreciated. I love the colors changing in fall, the cool nights, burning my Yankee candles, the holidays of Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, football season, and of course, both mine and Tim’s birthday’s are in the fall. Definitely my favorite time of year!

Are you a tight squeezer, a delicate hugger, a back patter, a hand shaker, or a hands off completely person?
Well, I guess it depends on the person. Before I met Tim, I was a hands off person, since that’s the way I was raised. I don’t come from a hugging type family. But Tim does and I’ve learned to like it and accept it through the years. I’d say I was more a delicate hugger, I guess (cute terms!)

Midnight Snack
Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If so where?
No way Jose!

Recipe for this Week (instead of your recipe for life – what is it for just this week?) Always be prepared. 🙂

  1. annie Said,

    Amen to more sleep 🙂

  2. Sandra Said,

    This was fun to read and I agree with Annie, more sleep is always good LOL

  3. JEN Said,

    I’m not a hugger unless its something serious…..never have been….

  4. Gail Said,

    I like spring and fall, neither are too extreme! Extra sleep, I should probably go for that too but might would waste it away if I had an extra hour.

  5. Jodi Said,

    Thanks for playing along and for the link!!!

    I loved your answers! After reading your description of fall, I am so ready for it to get here now! I love the changing of the seasons!

    Great answers!!!!

  6. mamichelle Said,

    I may try to play later or tomorrow. That was fun!

    I would choose the same – more sleep or read in the a.m. I loved starting each day with a book on the couch instead of showering immediately this week!

  7. Dawn Said,

    That was a fun meme. I’d play but my answers would be the same. Just change Tim to Patt and there we go. Hope you guys are doing good and enjoying the lazy Labor Day since we can’t do much of anything else today…..

  8. twiga Said,

    Hope you had an awesome Labor Day weekend!
    I’ve given you an award – check it out here

  9. YellowRose Said,

    I’m a squeezer, I love to hug! Well, as long as I like you! 😉

    Fall and Spring….love the changing of seasons.

    Never been skinny dipping??? LOL

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