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Posted by Stace

Video Link

Click here to see one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time. Of course, I’m a dog lover and I love seeing stories about special dogs. And their owners. I think you’ll like this one!

I thought I’d also throw in a fairly recent picture of my baby. We think he’s as smart as the dog on the video, but we’re very biased. Beau has learned a lot of commands in the last year or two. When we got him, he knew zero commands. Now, he knows about 25!

Beau, July 2008

Have a wonderful day!

  1. JEN Said,

    Very cute video..we love dogs too. It amazes me on their smarts. Your dog is so sweet in this picture.

  2. Kara Said,

    Sweet Beau! Too cute!

  3. Sandra Said,

    Cute video 🙂 And what a cutie you have too!

  4. Gail Said,

    He was such a well behaved dog this weekend wasn’t he!

  5. Susanne Said,

    Awww, and he looks like he knows he’s your baby, too! Too cute!

  6. Bev Said,

    Thanks so much for sharing that vid. I teared up watching it, but then I’m just a big boob when it comes to animals especially.

    Beau looks comfortable. He’s such a beauty. Dogs are certainly a joy.


  7. Debi Said,

    Oh my goodness, that may be my favorite picture yet of Beau! And that’s saying something, ’cause he’s always looking just as cute as can be!

  8. mamichelle Said,

    That video was amazing! And your sweet Beau is so adorable!! Makes me want to reach out and pet him and you know I’m not a dog person!!

  9. Desert Songbird Said,

    Skidboot was an amazing creature. You know, that I adore your Beau baby. This face says it all!

  10. Dawn Said,

    And the command for that photo would be “Beau, be adorable!” ? =)

  11. dianne Said,

    that was a great video! Beau is pretty amazing too though, I’m sure 😉

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