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Posted by Stace

Well, I Never!

Doesn’t the title of this post sound like a little ole lady? Haha, some days I feel young and some days I feel old. Some days I feel light and happy and some days I feel like stomping my foot.

I digress. Today’s post is about things you have never done, that your family and friends can’t believe. Not things like, I’ve been bungee jumping, have you? Normal every day things. Things that they eat that you won’t touch with a ten foot pole. Movies they love and have seen 25 times, but that you’ve never seen. A TV show that was a hit for years that you never saw a single episode of. The biggest books on the planet, and no, you haven’t read them, thank you very much.

I like to consider myself normal, but when it comes to things like this, I realize just how abnormal I can be. 😀

For example, here’s some of my “I never’s”

1. I’ve never seen a single episode of Law and Order. Chris and Stacy (Vader’s Mom) are both gasping and clutching their chest right about now at the blasphemy of that. I’ve never seen an episode of ER either. Or Grey’s Anatomy. Or even a whole episode of Andy Griffith. Or a million other shows. Which is odd, because I really am a TV junkie about most things.

2. I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books. Or seen one of the movies. I do think that one day, being the bookworm that I am, I will get around to reading them. I plan to avoid the movies until that time that I can read the books. Tim has no desire for either, so this will probably be a solo venture. But Trent, Shanna and Elizabeth are fanatical about the books, so I will probably get to them one day.

3. I don’t eat tomatoes. I eat all tomato products, including ketchup, spaghetti sauce, salsa, marinara and even Campbell’s pureed tomato soup. But put a tomato in my salad or on my burger and I have to take it off. And scrape off any of those nasty little gooey seeds that go everywhere. Yuck.

4. I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz. If you’ve visited here before, you’ve probably picked up on this little tidbit. I wear it like a Badge of Honor now. I had a very odd childhood and I never watched this movie growing up. I know it’s a classic and all that, but I have no intention of watching it now. Mostly, I just like saying “I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz and have no plans to”. 😀

So, how about you. Do you have any “I nevers” that you’d like to share. Any that your family or friends think is odd, but that’s something you haven’t done, or haven’t seen, or don’t intend to? Leave me a comment and let me know!

  1. Lynne Said,

    I’ve never seen a lot of the new TV shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, House, etc. In fact, I haven’t watched any TV, except for a little bit of news, since 2/6/2004, when the last episode of my favorite show “Ed” was aired.

    I finally read my first Harry Potter book last week. You need to read them!

    There’s also a bunch of movies I’ve never seen. I saw the first Star Wars but none after. No Harry Potter. No Sex and the City. Nothing recent at all. In fact the last movie I saw in the theater was Shreck (the first one).

    Food? I’ve never eaten Brussel sprouts and never will. They look nasty. Never eaten calamari or any other exotic animal or fish.

    I’ve never been skiing. I went on a skiing weekend once, and was sick the whole time so I never even got to put the skis on.

    I’ve never been to Mexico or Canada or Europe. The furtherest I’ve been has been Puerto Rico to the south and east, and Albuquerque to the west.

    I really need to get a life!

  2. Gail Said,

    Well you took my bungee jumping one right out for me! Let’s see what else I can think of:
    1. I don’t eat cooked spinach or turnip greens, yuck!
    2. I will never eat a raw oyster, Daddy or somebody gave me one when I was like 5 yrs old…I couldn’t get it up or down and it was the grossest thing ever.
    3. I’ve not read any of the Potter books either, even though my kids are crazy about them.
    4. When we had our big blue van with the tv/vcr, the family joke was that I’d never seen Beauty and the Beast! I was always, always driving when they watched it.
    (5. and shhhh, i’m whispering/talking very quietly here so as not to upset the balance of things but i’ve never gotten a speeding ticket or any sort of ticket in my life….i hope i’m not tempting fate.) Pretend you never heard that!

  3. Dianne Said,

    I have never been a patient in a hospital. Never had a broken bone or surgery. (Knock on wood!)

    I’ve never eaten mussels or oysters or other weird stuff like that.

    I never saw Wizard of Oz till I was twenty-one (we weren’t allowed – go figure!) but after I saw it, I never wanted to see it again. (it’s my husband’s favorite movie though – go figure!)

    I have never seen Star Wars, something I need to rectify this summer.

    I have not seen the Potter movies (but I did read a few of the books!)

  4. Stacy aka Vaders Mom Said,

    I’m with you on the tomatoes.

    My current “I Never” is I’ve not seen The Dark Knight and I don’t plan too.

    Now…about that L&O!!! 🙂

  5. annie Said,

    I’ve never watched desperate housewives or sex in the city…
    I’ve never been to a dance.
    I’ve never eaten a tomato either. Tomato products are ok though.
    I’ve never eaten lettuce on a sandwich or taco.
    I’ve never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

  6. Jenny A. Said,

    For a long time I could shock people by saying I never saw Dirty Dancing. 🙂 Stiil haven’t. I’ve never seen Desperate Housewives, Gray’s Anatomy, Sex and the City. Don’t plan on it, either.

    Until about a year ago, I could say that I had never gotten a ticket (and I was 36!! go me), but, alas, I did, and it was in a school zone, and I’m so ashamed.

    I have never been off this continent, but I plan on doing it sometime.

    Is this an adult conversation? I never did . . . It . . . until after I was married.

    On the other hand, I am CRAZY about the Harry Potter series, and Star Wars, and Star Trek, and The Wizard of Oz. I guess I love the fantasy of it.

  7. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    I am with you on #1, 2, and 3! I am glad I am not alone. My hubby’s grandmother thinks it’s a sin for someone not to like tomatoes. I am saving the Harry Potter books for when my son is a little older. I want to enjoy them together.

  8. Eden Said,

    Never seen a single episode of Sex in the City, and I’m not planning to.
    Never read any of Michael Crichton books, but plan to someday.
    Never eaten …this one’s difficult b/c I’m quite adventuresome when it comes to food…I’ll go with shark. If offered some, I’d give it a try.
    Never seen Gone with the Wind, but want to someday.

  9. JEN Said,

    hmmmmmm lets see

    1. i have never been skinny dipping
    2. although I love the beach I dont like getting in the ocean.
    3. i have never been snow skiing and dont in tend too
    4. I cut my steak right handed unlike everyone else.
    5. i dont read books.

  10. Sandra Said,

    I have never seen Brokeback Mountain and I NEVER will LOL

    I don’t eat tomatoes either, but eat all tomato products.

  11. Heidi Said,

    LOL! I’m not sure what I would add, but this is such a fun post!

  12. ZuphChic Said,

    I’ve never seen “Titanic”. I hate watching movies where you the ending somewhat, and I was pretty sure things weren’t going to work out in the favor of the ship! 🙂 Like you and “Th Wizard of Oz”, once people kept telling me that I HAD to see it, it made me not want to see it that much more.

    I’m sure I have a long list of “nevers” but this was the first thing that came to my mind…

  13. Debi Said,

    Hmmm…interesting, Stacy! I can’t think of much though. Lots of TV shows I’ve never seen (Lost, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Survivor, and actually every other reality TV show out there with the exception of Project Runway and Design Star). Lots of movies I’ve never seen (none of the modern Batman movies, none of the Indiana Jones movies, Titanic)…heck, I haven’t been to a movie theater in 16 years. Can’t think of a food I’ve never had (though obviously there are some)…any food I was served as a kid, I darn well ate!

  14. Shawna Said,

    Ok, I had to really think to come up with an original answer. I’ve never mowed the yard while living at our current house — that’s 6 years. I’ve never used a push mower. That’s what my husband uses now for our yard. I’ve never taken a typing class and still don’t no how to type “correctly.” I’ve nver read Harry Potter either, but I’ve seen all the movies. I’ve never read the Left Behind series.

  15. Jill Said,

    I’ve never read Harry Potter or seen the movies.
    I’ve never drank milk.
    I’ve never played golf or even swung a club.
    I’ve never had the chicken pox.
    I’ve never driven a stick shift car (don’t know how)

  16. Simply Dawn Said,

    I’ve never watched Sex and the City or Desperate Houswives. Many of my girlfriends think I’m nuts! I don’t eat cold cheese but love rotel and cheese on pizza but will not eat sliced or cold cheese….

    Girl you don’t eat tomatoes? I forgot my fresh tomatoes at my moms house last night and they had to bring my brother to the airport so the zipped by my office to give me my garden tomatoes and I had to hide them. People in this office will take them and run….hehe I know what I’m eating tonight…a big ole mater sandwich 😉

    Hope you guys are doing good. So did ya’ll make it through that weird weather Saturday night. That was freaky!

  17. YellowRose Said,

    Oh my…..You’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz…..I’m ummm…..well, I’m…..speechless. 😉 It is one of my absolutely favorite movies of all time……so I am one of those who can’t believe you have no desire to see it!!!! *shock* Mind you I’m also the one obsessed with “Wicked” also. LOL

    Give Harry Potter a read! I read them a couple years ago and loved them….well, actually got hooked on them. LOL I’ve read them several times since.

    And Law and Order….girl, do you know what you are missing???

    I will have to try this one…I can think of a few “I never’s”…..

  18. mamichelle Said,

    This is a GREAT post! All I can think of is:

    I have never had a massage and probably won’t. I don’t want people touching my rolls!

    I’ve never bungy jumped, skydived, parasailed or any of those dangerous things.

    I’ve never touched a frog, snake or anything like that.

    I’ve never been taught how to swim. I just wing it (and not very well).

    And I’m with you on the Harry Potter books. My son tried to read one to me but we both rapidly lost interest.

  19. Eileen Said,

    I will top Shawna and say I have never mowed the lawn, EVER (in all my 43 years). I plan to keep THAT stat always.

    I’ve never done some of the other things already mentioned like watched Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives or seen Titanic or tons of other movies/TV shows.

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