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Posted by Stace

Randomness Meme

Randomness Meme

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

Week of March 30: Finish the Sentence

Fill in the blanks for this week’s meme….

1. I always wanted to be a pilot when I was young!
2. I really hate it when people stand so close behind me in line at the grocery or store, where I can feel them breathing on my neck. Give me my personal space, please!
3. My best friend is also the love of my life, my wonderful husband Tim!.
4. In high school I was on the drill team, but still pretty much a big, awkward geek!.
5. My greatest fear is losing Tim too early in our life together here on earth.
6. My dream job is exactly what I’m doing right now!.
7. Some people really should slow down and learn to enjoy life, and the simple things in life, and not watch things speed by at the speed of light, and spend so much money buying “things” to make them happy. Life is about the simple things, I think, love, family, the beauty of the earth that God gave us.
8. My favorite author is well — I can’t pick just one! I have several, you can check out my sidebar list of what I read to see what kind of authors and books I love!

till next time….

  1. Dawn Said,

    Really? A pilot?? I never would have guessed that! See, this is why I love memes. =)

    We are so alike. Your answers to 2 & 7 could have been written by me. And I think your dream job is mine too but that would not work out so well for me right now. LOL!

  2. mamichelle Said,

    I completely agree on the personal space in the grocery store. I just want to push back! LOL

  3. randomness Said,

    very cool answers, I especially like numbers 2 and 7
    enjoy your weekend 🙂

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