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Posted by Stace

Randomness Meme

Randomness Meme

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March 9: The Internet
Do you remember time before the internet?
websites, memes, blogs, message boards?
When did you first ‘log on’?

Well, this is a blast from the past! I’ve been working on computers all of my adult life. I earned one of the first computer science degrees (minor, in my case) that was offered at the small, private college I attended, way back in the 80’s. I did all of my programming on an original IBM XT with dual 5 1/4″ floppies. I started a computer network in the engineering department I worked in at my job. I was using our company’s mainframe for email in the late 80’s and then migrated our section to PC-based email. I can’t remember exactly when I got on the Internet, but it was sometimes around 1994 or 1995. I know that I spent a lot of time online once I discovered the Internet. And I still do – actually, I spend more and more time online as the years go by!

Although I can remember what life was like before the Internet, that doesn’t mean I want to go back. I like being able to look everything up in the blink of an eye. I like paying my bills online. I like blogging, sharing photos, uploading them to get printed, ordering stuff online, searching for recipes online, ordering my movies through Netflix, etc. I can remember having a rotary dial telephone in the den of the house I grew up in – but that doesn’t mean I want to give up my VOIP phone or my cell phone I take with me everywhere! 🙂

Have a great day!

  1. Linda Said,

    The world is definitely different! I remember using my typewriter for my first job applications and resume, either handwriting or typing my papers and using a ton of white-out. The Internet has been amazing to keep me connected to my family around the world and I love that the most. Don’t think I would want to go back!

  2. Heidi Said,

    I think I first used the net around the same time as you.

  3. Sarah Said,

    Stacey I was only thinking the same thing the other day and also will blog on this sometime. I literally could not imagine how I’d cope without the internet living where I do out in the sticks and with family in the UK. I use it to shop, bank, write, research, webchat with family, emails, plan trips…etc etc

    What did we do before we had it?!?!

  4. sherry Said,

    Hey Stacey,

    About the woodpecker — there are two that look nearly identical, the downy woodpecker and the hairy woodpecker. There is a page where you can see which one yours is: http://sdakotabirds.com/diffids/downyhairy.htm

    I wasn’t sure for awhile which mine was until I read this page! The pictures of them are really similar to one another. Let me know what you find out!


  5. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    I used the computer for word processing in college, and I know I had some form of email my senior year (1996). From there, it has just taken over my life! 🙂

  6. Gail Said,

    Of course I can remember what it was like before too, but don’t necessarily want to go back! But I probably should cut back at times!
    Even if it weren’t for blogging, I love all the stuff you can do online, like shopping!

  7. naida Said,

    I remember time before the internet too, it seems sooo long ago! lol
    enjoy your week 🙂

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