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Posted by Stace

Booking Through Thursday Meme

Booking Through Thursday Meme

This week’s topic: Format

All other things (like price and storage space) being equal, given a choice in a perfect world, would you rather have paperbacks in your library? Or hardcovers? And why?

Gosh, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing, if price and storage space were really not an issue?! I’m envisioning a huge room in my spacious new home, just for a library. With big leather chairs and big snugly chairs by a fireplace, with ottomans and chenille throws tossed on them. Wall to wall bookcases overflowing with books that I love and want to read. Even one of those nifty movable ladder things to move around to find all of my books 🙂 However, I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen for me. But – if money weren’t an issue, I’d probably really get mostly hardbacks. I really like the bigger trade size paperback, so I don’t have a problem having those. I would really rather not have the small paperback. As I’m getting older, I’m finding that the type size on most of those is getting really small, plus sometimes they are just harder to hold for me. Give me a large paperback or a hardback most every time.

Great question! Happy Reading!

  1. Gail Said,

    Sounds nice! I would want plenty of light to come in and for it not to be a dark paneled room but light I think…definitely comfy chairs and throws. Hardbacks are always nice but sometimes I think they’re harder for me to hold and read if I’m in bed! Silly reason I guess and I should quit trying to read in bed. We need a room like that!

  2. Jill Said,

    I’d rather have hardcovers. They just seem so much more “bookish” to me and longer lasting. But, honestly, I usually buy paperbacks. Easier to transport and hold as I nod off in bed at night!

  3. Heidi Said,

    Yeah, I didn’t have a strong opinion on this one today. I don’t keep that many books around, so it doesn’t matter much if it’s hardback or paperback.

  4. Sarah Said,

    Oh this is a dilemma for me right now! I have the 200 books I shipped with me from the UK, plus the additional 30 at least I have added to date here – all on shelving in a bedroom closet. I am not fussed about paper/hardback but I would just love to have bookshelves so I can display my library. You see if I keep them then they mean something to me, or changed me in some way and I always collect authors if I love them. But I don’t have the room anywhere and am rapidly outgrowing the closet too. It’s maddening….lol!

  5. Betsy Said,

    I will be more than happy to come over and read with you, lol! Sounds nice. Always nice to dream huh?

  6. mamichelle Said,

    I love the sound of your dream room!! I’d have an area for scrapping in there too! LOL

    I used to buy hard covers but lately I really like the larger soft books. They don’t weigh as much in your beach bag! LOL I’m dreaming about summer.

  7. Lynne Said,

    To have in a bookcase I’d love to have leather bound hardcovers. But for reading, I really like the trade paperbacks. Can’t stand those little mass market paperbacks. The print is WAY too tiny.

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