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Posted by Stace

Booking Through Thursday Meme

Booking Through Thursday Meme

This week’s topic: But, Enough About Books

Okay, even I can’t read ALL the time, so I’m guessing that you folks might voluntarily shut the covers from time to time as well… What else do you do with your leisure to pass the time? Walk the dog? Knit? Run marathons? Construct grandfather clocks? Collect eggshells?

Well, that’s an easy one! I like lots of other things. I also read magazines and have way too many subscriptions. I watch a ton of television. You could even call me a TV junkie. 🙂 Normally, when the shows are all on, we might have 2 or 3 shows a night that we watch. We also love movies. We have been doing Netflix now for about 8 months and we’ve watched a ton of movies. Tim likes to go to the theater to see movies, which is fun, but the practical side of me prefers to stay home and rent them. Much cheaper, and my popcorn is healthier 🙂 I also love taking photos and playing with my camera. Needless to say, the computer sucks up a lot of my time. Blogging, reading blogs, browsing online shopping sites, playing games (lately, Text Twist), surfing cooking sites and gleaning recipes, etc. I do like to cook and bake, usually, but I go through phases with that. Beau gets a lot of my attention. We used to walk regularly, but Tim injured his knee and we haven’t been able to walk a lot. It’s starting to heal, we hope, so I’m hoping we get to walk with Beau more often. Beau loves to play out back, play ball, chase birds and squirrels and cats. When the weather is nice, I like to just sit outside with him and enjoy the sunshine.

There, that was a boring answer! 🙂

  1. Heidi Said,

    I like this one too and plan to do it later today. Movies are a great thing, because you get to do them with your husband.

  2. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    Obviously, I spend some time blogging. But, what I should be doing a lot more of is cleaning! 🙂

  3. Stacy aka Vaders Mom Said,

    Vader is about the only reason I see the outside world anymore. That’s sad. But true.

  4. theresa Said,

    Depends on my motivation level-sometimes I am into playing tennis, and step class, other times computer games, blogging, and still other just vegging and watching tv

  5. Kim Said,

    My answer is going to look an awful lot like your answer! I have had a fun visit here tonight getting caught up on my blog friends. Work is sucking the life out of me and I am hoping for some revitalizing this weekend.

  6. Gail Said,

    Lauren’s answer could be mine too! And I sew some as well, been doing that more lately.

  7. mamichelle Said,

    Well, I think you know what I like to do. I don’t really watch t.v. I just stamp and scrap! What else is there?!! 🙂

  8. Kara Said,

    Sounds like you have lots of different interets to keep you entertained! I spend way too much time watching TV – mostly to keep from having to clean!

  9. karen (morsie) Said,

    This week’s BTT question was really fun. It’s interesting to see what everyone likes doing with the rest of their free time.

    The computer definitely takes up a lot of my time, but I wasn’t brave enough to admit that in my post 😉

  10. Debi Said,

    What was boring about that? Seriously, girl, you’ve got a lot going on there!

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