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Posted by Stace


In the last few months, Beau has started doing something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He’s such a good dog, even though he barks a lot and digs countless holes in our backyard. Other than that, he’s as good as they come in the dog world. He can be very high-spirited, like a puppy, and he loves to play rough. But, he has his softer side, too. He can be very lovey-dovey and will sometimes just sit and let me pet him and “love on him” for long stretches of time.

I think he’s also protective of me. When Tim is gone and it’s just us, he turns into an uber-guard dog. He will bark at some unheard sound or unseen sight. I think it’s his way of protecting me.

Why he has started doing this, I’m not quite sure, but I love it to pieces:

Washing Dishes

Beau often comes right up behind me in the evening, when I’m washing dishes after supper. He lays right behind me, and usually presses up against my leg, and stays that way the entire time I stand at the kitchen sink. I don’t know if it’s his way of protecting me, or just being with me. He knows he’s not going to get table scraps, so he’s not begging. He doesn’t do it every single night, but he does do it most of the time. I just love it. It really makes washing the dishes after supper very enjoyable! 😀

  1. Heidi Said,

    Animals can be so cute and loving that way. I love the way my cats come lay on me when I feel sick.

  2. Sadie Said,

    That is so sweet! Beau is such a good boy.

    Max is the same way about being protective, he’s a much more alert boy when his daddy isn’t home. He knows he’s the man of the house, I guess. When we had our other dog Coco, it was her job to be the watchdog, but now he knows he’s got to step up.

  3. Gail Said,

    Aww, I bet you DO love that! And it is great to have a watchdog.
    Still not sure it would help me wash the dishes but it sounds like you’re lovin’ it!

    I miss having Caleb around!

  4. Kara Said,

    Gotta love those warm, fuzzy creatures!

  5. Lynne Said,

    Maggie stays with me most of the time. If I move from room to room, she’ll move too. She doesn’t have to be too close to me, but she likes being in the same room. Teddy, on the other hand, never gets off the bed.

  6. Desert Songbird Said,

    He’s such a good boy. He knows he needs to watch over you, and he loves you very much.

    Good boy!

  7. Amy Said,

    I love meeting other animal lovers who understand completely what you’re talking about! My precious comes to work with us and sits right at my feet the entire day unless daddy goes bye bye and then she goes for a ride with him. She’s always such a comfort to me and keeps my toesies warm too!

    And now I shall comment on Beau! I love him already! Because he takes such good care fo you. And also because he has an adorable face!

  8. Cam Said,

    Sooooo sweet!! I think it’s because he loves you. 🙂

  9. Stacy aka Vaders Mom Said,

    Such a precious boy!!

  10. Claire Said,

    Awww…this just makes me wish I could have a pet even more! Our cats used to do this. The food processor I got is a Kitchen Aid. I love it. I’ve never made pie crust with a food processor but it was so easy. As to the grocery store, enlighten me! What new grocery is coming? A Kroger closer to you?

  11. Dawn Said,

    What a sweet pup. =)

  12. marianne Said,

    I think he loves you… lots. 🙂

  13. Debi Said,

    Oh, he is such a sweetie! (Not to mention cute!)

    Baker was just the same way when Rich was gone…all of sudden turned into a professional watch dog or something. I thought it was sweet that he was looking out for us during Rich’s absence, but it kind of drove me crazy, too.

  14. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    That is so sweet! I know you are glad to have him there!

  15. twiga92 Said,

    Don’t you just love that about animals? They are so devoted and sweet. Mocha likes to get “towel lovin’s” when I get out of the shower. She’ll climb up on my towel for me to rub her head. And Storm likes to lick my nose, especially in the evenings when I’m on the couch watching TV and she’ll sit on the back of the couch behind me. When I turn to pet her, she’ll lick my nose and put her paw on my face. Pets are so wonderful!

  16. Amanda Said,

    That’s SOOO Sweet!

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