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Posted by Stace

Stolen Love/Hate Meme

Love, Hate Meme

Stolen from my dear Project365 buddy, Desert Songbird. Thanks for letting me borrow this one!

I love to eat: anything chocolate, shrimp

I hate to eat: beets, any type of greens like mustard or turnip greens, peppers

I love to go: on vacation with Tim, or on long walks on a nearby walking trail with Tim and Beau

I hate to go: to that doctor for my yearly checkup 🙁

I love it when: I have time to spend just looking and browsing in a bookstore and maybe even taking time to have a coffee too 🙂

I hate it when: drivers pull out in front of me and make me slam on my brakes

I love to see: my house when it’s all clean (and cozy and comfortable, too!)

I hate to see: any kind of movies or tv shows that show people hurting children or animals. I won’t watch.

I love to hear: Tim and Beau playing and Beau starts making his “happy” sound, har har har 🙂

I hate to hear: people in restaurants or movies on their cell phone, disturbing everyone else. If you’re at dinner with your spouse or date or family, why on earth would you sit there the entire time on your cell phone?

I won’t tag anyone in particular, but please play along if you’d like! Leave me a comment and let me know, so I can come read your answers 🙂

  1. Desert Songbird Said,

    Great job, Stacy! I must admit, there are times when we’re in a restaurant as a family, and we’re on the cell phone with grandparents back east. Usually it’s because of the three hour time difference, and we’re wishing someone a happy birthday or the like.

    I’d love to hear Beau making his happy sounds. I think you need to post video!

  2. Sandra Said,

    I really enjoyed this one. Most of your answers you could have been writing them for me LOL

    I hate the cellphone thing, it drives me crazy hearing them blab so loud, what exactly is so important that it can’t wait until they’re home? LOL

  3. jen Said,

    Great answers. I love long walks too.

  4. Heidi Said,

    “happy sound” how fun!

  5. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    This is a fun meme! I may play along later this week. I get to go to that fun Dr. visit on Thursday. It’s sad when I don’t mind going because I actually get to drive there and sit in the waiting room ALL BY MYSELF! I don’t care for the exam, of course, but I don’t mind the adult time!

  6. Gail Said,

    I love/hate those same food things! Imagine that!

    I’m working on getting my house clean, it’s a slow process….so come on up and help b/c I know you’re dying to!

  7. annie Said,

    Fun answers! I may do this later on!

  8. Susanne Said,

    Fun meme! I’m not nuts about that yearly visit either.

  9. Debi Said,

    Wow…I could have written a lot of those! Especially the last one…absolutely drives Rich and I crazy! I’m just not big on rudeness in any of its forms.

  10. mamichelle Said,

    Great one, Stacy! I’m going to play along. Thanks for giving me something to post about!

  11. Dianne Said,

    This was enjoyable to read, Stacy – getting to know a bit more about you.

    So who are you pulling for in the big game? bet I can’t guess – HA!

  12. Diana Said,

    I played.

  13. paperback writer Said,

    I’ve posted my answers!

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