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Posted by Stace

Tagged – 5 Things Meme

Lynne, over at Lynne’s Little Corner, tagged me a week or so ago with this fun “5 things” meme. Lynne included pictures with some of hers, but I’m afraid I’m not that industrious! (although I will add a couple of links) I did want to play along though, so thanks for tagging me, Lynne!

5 Things found in my room (I’ll use our living room, since I’m usually in here with my laptop):

Our Samsung big plasma TV 😀
These candles on my coffee table
Bookcases with so many of my lovely books
Big comfy chair with ottoman next to my fireplace (where I’m sitting now, with my laptop)
Seymour, perched on top of the entertainment center, since it’s football season 🙄

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

Travel to England and Scotland
Visit all 50 US States
Go to a bed and breakfast in Vermont or somewhere in the NE during the fall, for “leaf peeping” 🙂
Learn to play some kind of musical instrument (but not enough to take lessons!)
More traveling I guess – all over Europe, Australia, etc

5 things found in my bag

(My purse is here)
Palm and Cellphone
Hand Sanitizer

5 things in my wallet

Driver’s license
Credit cards
Insurance Card
Library Card
small amount of cash

5 things I’m currently “in to”

Watching a ton of TV shows
Watching movies from Netflix
Taking photos with my new camera

I won’t tag anyone specifically, but please feel free to play along if you’d like. Be sure to leave me a message if you do decide to play, so I can come check out your answers!

Have a great day 😀

  1. theresa Said,

    Hi, thought I was at the wrong blog for a second- love your winter theme 🙂
    I have the same goal of visiting all 50 states- I think I have about 15 more to go, mostly the mid west states.

  2. Susanne Said,

    Very first, I’m loving your winter look. How cute is this!

    We have a Samsung plasma too! We really enjoy it. I laughed at the title of your candle photo. That was funny!

    Your chair by the fireplace sounds like it would be one of my fave places to go to relax.

  3. 5 things meme | Ghost Works Said,

    […] Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane did this meme and since I really needed something to blog about today I thought I’d play along. If you decide to join me, please visit her blog and let her know with a link to your answers. […]

  4. Bev Said,

    I played along, Stacy. Thanks for giving me something to blog about today. 😉

  5. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    I may play along next week. I love your template!

  6. Reese Said,

    I’m playing along in the morning!

    Blessings, Reese

  7. Kara Reed Said,

    Your new look threw me for a loop – like the wintry theme!

  8. Melody Said,

    Hey Stacy! I love the new look of your blog! I might play this, thanks for sharing this meme! 😀

  9. Gail Said,

    Hey look at you with your Christmas look! And of course it’s snowmen….did we ever find me a wintery/christmasy one?

    Karen tagged me for this one last week and I think I’m doing mine tomorrow. Good answers on yours……you better let me help you burn those candles when I come! Kathryn always tells me you aren’t supposed to have candles out that have never been lit!

  10. Eden Said,

    Your winter template is back!! Love it! I’ll probably play along later this week!

  11. mamichelle Said,

    Love the new look!

    If you ever make it to New England, let me know! I can certainly suggest some places to stay!

  12. mamichelle Said,

    I played along!

  13. Sadie Said,

    Oh, I love the snowman template!!! Very nice! Makes me want to change mine to something wintry…

    I think I might join in on this one.

  14. Desert Songbird Said,

    Hey, the new template is fun! So is this meme – I may take it as well.

  15. Cindi Said,

    Hey Stacy! Love the new look of your blog! I did this meme for fun on my page too!

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