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Posted by Stace

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday Meme

Today’s Topic: Just Wild About Harry

Okay, love him or loathe him, you’d have to live under a rock not to know that J.K. Rowling’s final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, comes out on Saturday… Are you going to read it?
If so, right away? Or just, you know, eventually, when you get around to it? Are you attending any of the midnight parties?
If you’re not going to read it, why not?
And, for the record… what do you think? Will Harry survive the series? What are you most looking forward to?

OK, I love doing this meme because I consider myself a pretty above-average reader. But, {gasp} I have never read a Harry Potter book. And {even worse}, I’m not sure I want to. I’m sure they are wonderful books; they wouldn’t be the phenomenon they are if they weren’t. It’s not like me to not jump on a bandwagon like this, but I’ve just never been interested in them. I’ve never seen any of the movies, either. Now, I don’t rule out reading them in the future, but they are not high on my list. I know, I know, don’t throw things at me 🙂

P.S. For those of you who do read these and are looking forward to this last book – enjoy it! If you’re going to a party, have fun! Come out of your hole this weekend at some point and eat some food, though, ok?! 😀

  1. Debi Said,

    I’m pretty sure you can be forgiven, Stacy. LOL

  2. amy Said,

    I havent read one either!

  3. Kurt Said,

    I’ve read them and they are a lot of fun. I have been waiting for this last one before I buy them because I figure that there will be a nice ‘box set’ coming out. My six year old daughter has read the first 2. She really likes them as well.

  4. --Deb Said,

    They ARE fun books . . . although getting darker and more serious all the time. At least you have a healthy attitude. It seems like so many people who don’t like Harry(and I don’t necessarily mean the ones answering this meme in the negative) are frantically and morally opposed, feel the books should be banned, and so on. I don’t expect everybody to love them–my sister doesn’t–but she also has no problem with the fact that her daughter does, and that her son loves the movies. They’re just not her cup of tea. I can respect that!

  5. Jennifer Said,

    I was late to the Harry Potter party…i didn’t start reading them until “Goblet of Fire” came out, then I went and bought them all and started at the beginning. If you don’t like that kind of stuff, you don’t like it, and I honestly didn’t think I would either, but JK Rowling is such an incredible writer…I find myself turning over phrases she’s written in my head…she uses incredible imagery and lots of details. If it tells you anything, when the first movie came out, it was “right”…the characters were just as I pictured them in my head from the book, as was the castle and everything else. She had just drawn such great mental pictures! I’m totally hooked, but I’ll let you off the hook if you don’t…people are different :)!!

  6. Heidi Said,

    I’m not interested in Harry Potter at all. I don’t like magician/witch type books.
    I believe I did know one was coming out though…;)

  7. Jill Said,

    I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books, either nor seen the movies. I’m pitifully behind the curve on most of the popular culture things. I feel sorry for my kid already, and he’s only one!

  8. Cam Said,

    A few years back, I tried to read the 1st HP book. I tried so hard to like it, but I hated it. It was one of the most BORING books I’ve ever attempted to read, as well as just kind of dumb. I got halfway through and quit. I’ll never understand the phenomenon. Kids should read the LOTR trilogy instead, IMO!

  9. Lynne Said,

    I’ve never read any of the books and have no desire to start now. I did take Shelby to see the first movie years ago. She liked it, I thought it was boring. So you’re not the only one!

  10. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Said,

    I haven’t read one either. I am waiting for my son to get a little older so we can read them together.

  11. Chris Said,

    I haven’t read them either, not for any particular reason, just didn’t have the interest. maybe if my girl was older, or when she gets older, maybe then.

  12. Shawna Said,

    I haven’t read any of the books. My sister has. But, we’ve seen all the movies and can’t wait to see the next one!

  13. Merri Said,

    I read the first two and loved them but I like to vary my reading so haven’t read any lately. I won’t throw anything as I can quite see your point of view!
    I DO think though, that ANY book which compels a CHILD to read is fantastic!

  14. Karen (mommy of three) Said,

    I just did this meme as well:) I haven’t read any of them either, and have no desire to do so. I am against “Banning” things, especially books, I just don’t read things that aren’t of interest to me. MY DH and oldest son have seen some of the movies, but I don’t think DH has read any of the books.

  15. shanna Said,

    hey just stopping by today out of the blue, and saw this post. since you like lord of the rings, you would love the potter series. she is so influenced by tolkein in her writting, but not in a cheap rip off way. we just saw order of the phoenix for the second time last night. i think you would like the movies/books.

  16. Desert Songbird Said,

    JK Rowling has spun a wonderful story with her HP series. She is a consummate story-teller. I didn’t think I would like this series as much as I do; I adore them and am caught up in the hoopla, although we will not be attending any midnight parties.

    My copy of Deathly Hallows will be delivered some time on Saturday via UPS, and I will begin reading it immediately. I haven’t decided how quickly I will read it. I am anxious to know how the story ends, but I also want to savor the telling of it.

    It is a fun, fantastic, mystical, magical read, Stacy. I think you would enjoy it. It has fabulous themes of love, courage, loyalty, friendship, and perseverance.

  17. Mailyn Said,

    LMAO at that last comment! I usually pull all-nighters so I’ll be OK. I should be done Saturday afternoon so I’m def having food. And I’ll probably catch up on sleep as well. LOL.

  18. twiga92 Said,

    I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books either. I used to like fantasy when I was younger, but I don’t really like the genre anymore. So I haven’t read them because they don’t really interest me. Oh, well! We all have our own tastes.

  19. Literary Feline Said,

    Eat?? Are you kidding? That would be wasting precious time! LOL You actually just gave me the idea that maybe I should make hubby take me out to lunch or something on Saturday just so I can get a little air. 🙂

  20. Melody Said,

    LOL. Stacy, I’m glad to hear I’m not alone, hehe. But I really enjoyed the movies.

  21. Kara Said,

    If you have any time in the car or listen to books on tape, the guy who does them on tape is great. I have read them all and have reserved my copy. I will not, however, be attending the party…I think I can wait until late Saturday to get mine!

  22. Coach J Said,

    Not a Potter fan. Haven’t read any books, or watched any movies, and don’t have either scheduled on my life’s to-do list.

  23. Shayna Said,

    I would have to say, that I read 2 of them because I had been asked MANY years ago to read them to the 6 and 4 yr old I nannied and I wanted to make sure they were age appropriate. IMO they weren’t. Anyway, I didn’t care for them. They are well written and Rowling is talented. But the Harry Potter bandwagon is not one I will be jumping on. As for my kids, should some day they want to read them, we will explain to them the reasons why we don’t agree with the content, but if they want to read them and discuss them with us later, they can! I always read the books I chose, my mom never censored my choices. But I usually talked with her about why I did or didn’t like them and what about them that may have gone against our belief systems. Boring response I know!

  24. Sonya Said,

    My husband and daughters love these books and movies but me, not so much. It’s not my kind of reading. I just don’t care for it. Generally speaking, I’m not a fantasy/sci-fi type reader. (Don’t throw things at me either:-0) I will try to read them in the future but for now, I’m not real interested. Having said that, we did pre-order the book for our oldest daughter and we will be going to BAM tonight to wait for the midnight release. I’ll be the lady in the corner curled up with a Francine Rivers or Karen Kingsbury novel, hoping I can read it before they close and save myself from having to purchase another book! LOL!

  25. Stacy Said,

    I haven’t read these books either. Jeff & I are looking into buying the box set though. They come so highly recommended to us.

  26. mamichelle Said,

    Funny, I totally agree. I only TRIED reading a book way back with my ds. He wasn’t a great reader so I had to help. I fell asleep. I’m not at all interested in HP.

  27. Elizabeth Said,

    I didn’t go to the midnight showing, but I did go see it opening day, plus I saw it again last night! Great movie! Best of the 5 out so far! I’ve actually never read any of the books either, but I am going to correct that soon, but probably not till after graduate school. I have too many other books to read before any of the Potter books. I am dying to know what happens in the 7th, but I am going to wait. No one spoil it for me!

  28. SarahJane Said,

    I have to say, I was with you until this year. I hadn’t read one single Harry Potter book until about April, for exactly the same reason as you – I was sure they were probably good and all, but there were much more interesting books on my shelf that were begging to be read.

    But I eat my words now. I read number 1 and 2, knowing from my husband’s assurances, that the 3rd one was where they really actually got good. It was like Rowling was still really developing as a writer and didn’t know the grand scale the books were going to cover until she got them a little older. They are truly some of the best literature I have ever read, and I very gently place them in my mind with classic fiction like the LOTR series, Narnia, and the Wrinkle in Time series. Which is serious stuff coming from me! 🙂 I understand people who don’t want to read them, since that was me for at least 6 or 7 years, but my husband and I are now big fans and are enjoying reading the final book aloud together now that I’ve caught up! I do hope you’ll give them a chance one day, as I think they are well-written and fun! 🙂

  29. DawnK Said,

    Yeah, I’m way behind the times, but the book came out, while we were on vacation, so we didn’t even get to pick it up, until July 24th. Then both of my teenage daughters had to read it, before I could get to it! Within days of Emily finishing it, I started reading it and I’ve been pretty much reading it for the last 2 weeks. I finished on Friday, Aug 31st, though, so we’ve all read it now! I’m just now getting caught up with the Harry Potter threads that I’ve been avoiding. Despite all the access I could have had, to spoilers, I remained spoiler-free, until the last page! DH works for a newspaper and wasn’t going to read the book, so he kept taunting me with, “I know who dies!” He did keep his mouth shut, though.

    I’ve read all 7 Harry Potter books and seen all 5 movies! DH hasn’t read the books, but has seen the movies.

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