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Posted by Stace

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday Meme

This week’s topic: Paper or Plastic

Do you read e-Books?
If so, how? On your computer, or a PDA?
Or are you a paper purist? Why?

OK, this is a great question. Believe it or not, as much as I love techie gadgets, as much as I love my laptop, and as much as I love my PDA, I’m a purist when it comes to books. I don’t like them in any format except the written word. I don’t like them electronic, I don’t like them in the form of audiobooks. I like a plain ole book I can hold in my hands and turn the pages on. I like a book that I can go back and re-read the last paragraph or page when I’ve put it down for a day or two and can’t quite remember what I last read. I like a book to hold in my hands and drop on my chest when I fall asleep reading before bed 🙂 I like to hear my own voice in my head as I read along and not someone else’s. I’ve tried a sample of an e-book on my PDA and I didn’t like it. I checked out an audio book from the library and didn’t make it through more than one chapter. Give me a good old paper book any day and I’m a happy reader. 🙂

  1. Desert Songbird Said,

    I’m with you. I love my computer, and I’d be dead without my Palm Pilot, but when it comes to books, there is something thrilling in the tactile experience of holding a book. My favorite part is after finishing a satisfying book, particularly a hardback, that soft “thud” you hear as you close it and the sigh that you emit as you’re closing it.

  2. Becca Said,

    I would love to get a book reader for when we travel but I cannot justify the cost. But I agree with you. I love the sound of a turning page.

  3. Dianne Said,

    Me too – gotta have paper. Must be able to underline, drool, drop in bathtub and spill coffee on the pages! I do have 1-2 books on my Palm as a last resource for those dreaded trips to Pepboys when Mike runs in for a minute and emerges an hour later! 🙂

  4. twiga92 Said,

    I can’t do e-books. Too uncomfortable to read on the computer or PDA. And I have listened to audiobooks. But recently when I’ve tried to listen to audiobooks, I just couldn’t get into them. I’m much more of a visual person and listening to it is not the same. Even though it was a Ted Dekker novel, I still couldn’t get into it as an audio.

  5. Lauren S. Said,

    I agree. I love to read blogs and other articles online. But when it comes to a book, I want the real thing!

  6. melanie Said,

    I think it’s funny that almost all of us have had the same response — one might think that online bookish people would like online books, but no……..

    I enjoy your blog!

  7. Heidi Said,

    I’m with you.

  8. Marianne Said,

    Yup…. what you said! Love that paper…

    I’m up here.

  9. annie Said,

    I don’t like e books either. But love books on cd for long car rides.
    I like to have a book to touch so I can go back and read something I forgot if I want.

  10. Lynne Said,

    i tried an e-book once. Not my style. And audiobooks – no way. I tried one that I had heard was great. I kept wanting to tell the reader to hurry up and turn the page!

    I’m like you – I need to have a book in my hands to go back and re-read a section and hear my own voice in my head.

  11. Sparky Duck Said,

    I am a page turner myself, but their are some blogs I wander onto and their stuff looks just so intriguing, that I will have to breakdown and get the ebook. And I do not have a PDA so that answer is easy

  12. Melody Said,

    I’m with you, Stacy! 😀

  13. Coach J Said,

    I love to read the actual book. But, since my husband does not, we check out audio books from a church library for traveling times and I’ve found a few the whole family actually liked.

  14. Sherry Said,


    Believe it or not — when my husband and I were first dating, he bought me one of those electronic book gadgets. He had one and he LOVED IT. They ended up going out of business so he could never buy any more books to read on it — but I was able to have an excuse for going back to regular books! It worked for him because it was super convenient to take to work with him and a lot easier and sturdier than paper in a steel mill.

    I do have a whole lot of books downloaded to my computer — but I generally print them out as I need them. Most of them are for use with schooling Em.


  15. Barbara H. Said,

    I love “real, live” books, too.

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