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Posted by Stace

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday Meme

Cool, the bookworms over at Booking Through Thursday have a new site, go check it out here.

This week’s topic: R.I.P.

No, not THAT kind of R.I.P.

Reading. In. Public.

Do you do it? Why or why not?

My Answer: I will read in public, if I’m waiting. Like, I take my book to the salon and read while I’m waiting, or the doctor’s office, or while I’m waiting on something or someone. I love going to the coffee-shop near our house and reading, but rarely do that anymore. I’ve even been known to sit in the truck and wait on Tim for something and read in the car, while he goes in a store to take care of something. So, yes, I do RIP 😀

  1. Susie Said,

    I also RIP! But, I must admit, I’m a people watcher so I often catch myself doing that instead of reading!

  2. Debi Said,

    Oops. I forgot to play today. Duh. But I’m definitely a RIPper.

  3. Dianne Said,

    Oh Stacy – you don’t have to ask that of me! i read everywhere and anywhere. i will even go to restaurants by myself and eat while reading – LOL!

    RIP – what a hoot!

  4. Lauren S. Said,

    I do. I read in waiting rooms, McDonald’s playplace, the car. Really anywhere I can sit, I can read!

  5. Literary Feline Said,

    One of my favorite places to read is the hair salon! I can’t believe I forgot to mention that one. LOL

  6. Sparky Duck Said,

    Of course I read in public. I may censor my book or magazine choice if I am going to be someplace where I am making some sort of impression, so no edgy paranormal romance or Maxim in some places, but if you don’t read in public you lose time you can read.

  7. Bridget Said,

    I’m an RIPer too 🙂

  8. Sherry Said,

    I will do this one later tonight! Better late than never.


  9. Melody Said,

    I bring a book wherever I go…and I have no patience to wait in a queue and doing nothing! LOL. I definitely R.I.P.! Happy BTT!

  10. JennaG Said,

    I only read in public in waiting rooms. My oldest brings her book and reads in the car –even if it’s only a ten minute trip. Hubby said we had to put that to a stop!

  11. Cam Said,

    Reading at the coffee shop sounds so nice. That would be a real treat!

  12. Kim Said,

    I always RIP. I buy purses specifically based on whether or not they will hold a book. My oldest daughter carries a book every where we go.

  13. --Deb Said,

    Thank you for playing!

  14. Stacy Said,

    RIP for me!

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