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Posted by Stace

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday Meme

‘Fess Up!

Okay, there must be something you read that’s a guilty pleasure . . . a Harlequin romance stashed under the mattress. A cheesy sci-fi book tucked in the back of the freezer. A celebrity biography, a phoned-in Western . . . something that you’d really rather not be spotted reading. Even just a novel if you’re a die-hard non-fiction fan. Come on, confess. We won’t hold it against you!

Another really timely book-related question for me. Considering I just blogged about a book I just finished a couple of days ago, “Everyone Worth Knowing”, which I described as a “guilty pleasure”. I don’t normally read books like this, but I do from time to time. Books like this one, like the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, etc – these are the kinds of books that I read for a change, for a diversion, and as a guilty pleasure. I try not to delve into the Harlequin realm, this is as close as I’ll go. I don’t read the other types mentioned, or really anything else that I would classify in this category. I mostly read “women’s fiction” and Christian fiction, so these are a true diversion for me.

Good question!

  1. Gail Said,

    I thought about doing this one but it was taking more thought! But I would have said the Stephanie Plum books would kinda be that for me I think. Or maybe some of those by Susan E. Phillips? Although I think I’ve only read one of those.

  2. Julia Said,

    Never read “Everyone Worth Knowing”, who wrote it? I adore reading Stephanie Plum series and Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s chicago Stars series as well. Two of some of my favorite authors 🙂

    Great thoughts, Happy Booking Through Thursday 🙂

  3. Debi Said,

    The Stephanie Plum books are outside my normal reading realm as well, but I absolutely love them! I should have thought a little harder before I played this one. If I had I might have said true crime books. I love reading them, but totally feel like I shouldn’t! I think it’s just that I sort of wish I’d been a detective.

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