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Posted by Stace

The Vacuum Cleaner (and a QOTD)

Yes, this is a blog entry about a vacuum cleaner. :mrgreen:

Background: There’s a joke in our house about the time that Tim bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Yes, a vacuum cleaner. I even made a scrapbook page about it 🙂 Tim took pictures of my face when I tore the wrapping paper off the box and saw that it was a vacuum. It was not a pretty sight. Never mind that he had gotten me some other nice things, and never mind that I didn’t notice that he had put a bracelet in the vacuum bagless canister. I was just appalled that he would give me an appliance for Christmas. We hadn’t been married long and back then, I didn’t want household appliances for my birthday or Christmas. Thankfully, those days are behind us and now I don’t mind it. Well, most of the time.

I pulled out that same vacuum cleaner last week to clean up the carpets, and it ran for about 20 seconds, then made the most horrible noise I had ever heard. Even Beau was scared, and he’s not normally bothered by sounds or loud noises. I turned it off, and it continued to make the noise for another 15 or 20 seconds, after the power was off. The thing was possessed! I showed it to Tim that night when he got in from work and he said it was the bearings, and we would be better off to buy a new one. So, we went this weekend to look for vacuums.

Any of you that know my husband in person probably realize one thing – the man does not like to shop. He doesn’t like to look around, he doesn’t like to comparison shop and he doesn’t have a problem with walking in the first store, seeing something, buying it on the spot and never looking back. No going to multiple stores, no looking at different models. We bought the first vacuum he spotted. To be fair, I had read a little online and this one seemed like a decent one. We got a Hoover Fusion Plus. Apparently, Hoover makes the Fusion line exclusively for Walmart, and we found this “Plus” version at Sam’s. I think it will be an ok vacuum, and if it lasts a few years, then we’ll just replace the thing (it was only $110). Originally, I had thought I wanted to go “all out” and get a Dyson. But, then I realized that when we replace our carpet in the den and dining room with hardwood or laminate (which we hope to do soon, maybe in the next year), then there really won’t be hardly any carpet left in the house. Just the bedrooms, which are small and full of furniture, so very little open area to vacuum. So, I bypassed the Dyson because of the cost, and went with this one. Here it is, in all its glory 😀

Vacuum Cleaner

The pluses to this vacuum are that it has a cyclonic action, like a Dyson, and it has a permanent filter that can be taken out and cleaned and washed, so no extra money to buy replacement filters (our last vacuum did, and they were 20 bucks apiece). The bad news is that it is NOT self-propelled, like my other one was. Conversely, the good news is that it is NOT self-propelled, so I get more of a workout when vacuuming, hehehe! Plus, the self-propelled tended to have a life of its own and half the time I would end up banging the bottom of the coffee table and nightstands with the vacuum, so maybe I’ll dent the furniture less with this one!

OK, that was a lot to blab about a vacuum. Time for a Question of the Day:

What kind of vacuum cleaner do you have? Upright or canister? How old is it and how often do you use it? Do you use it on just carpet or all floor surfaces? What do you use to clean your other floors, like tile or hardwood?

Can you believe I would actually ask about a vacuum cleaner?! This blog ain’t named “Exceedingly Mundane” for nothing, folks :mrgreen:

  1. Stacy Said,

    I don’t know what kind of vacuum I have. Hubby purchased it. I hate it and refuse to use it, so hubby or my mom-in-law vacuum for me. (nice perk, huh?) It is used on every flooring surface we have…carpet, tile, laminate. Got to get that Vader hair up somehow!

  2. Debi Said,

    I don’t vacuum nearly enough, especially with all the cat hair. Fortunately we live in a 1-bedroom apartment, so there’s not a lot to vacuum. We have some bagless vacuum so we don’t have to buy bags.

  3. Laura Said,

    I use a canister. It’s a Kenmore from Sears. We bought it last year when we bought the house. K would have preferred an upright, but I don’t mind kicking it around. It’s easier for me than wieling the entire heavy thing with my arm. It’s got a bag because we can’t stand bagless vacuums, and a nice new hepa filter. It’s been great so far. Unfortunately we have light beige carpets, which I hate, and they show absolutely everything.
    Lately I have assigned the vacuuming to K while I clean the tile floors. We have 4 hard floor sections downstairs and I sweep those, then wet Swiffer them. My mom gave me the Swiffer because she didn’t like it – she said it didn’t pick UP the gross stuff. I told her that’s why I sweep first, and I think she’s giving it another try. 😉 It works pretty well for me.
    Oh, and for our first married Christmas, my husband gave me a new dishwasher, stove/oven, and microwave. Needed, but not exciting. 😉

  4. Gail Said,

    I’ve gotten a vacuum for Christmas before too! And I don’t think mine had a bracelet in it!
    Mine is a canister, like I told you in the store the other day when we looked at them. I use it on all surfaces, carpet, hardwood and tile, because that’s what you can do with a canister. It has a carpet attachment and then I take it off and put a brush on to do the hardwood b/c the paper with our floors said no upright or carpet type brush turned to hard floors should be used on it. Did that make sense? Anyway, you know what I have already! I mop the tile sometimes after vacuuming….I don’t clean my floors often enough though. 🙁

  5. Mike Said,

    I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and it is the greatest thing ever. In fact I now do the vacuuming instead of my wife. I think that this vacuum is one of the best inventions ever. That’s probably the reason why it is actually in numberous museums around the world. They also have excellent customer service. When I was deciding on purchasing one I called them quite a few times before I made my decision. I didn’t want to spend all that money for a vacuum that wouldn’t last long. Now I would say I am definitely happy about my purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a new vacuum.

  6. Write From Karen Said,

    Okay, first of all, I loved the getting the vacuum cleaner for Christmas story – how funny!! My husband and I went through a similar stage where he thought giving me appliances for birthdays/Christmas was a good idea. Silly, silly man.

    Second, I can totally relate to your husband. I’m not a shopper either. If I need it, and I see it, I buy it. Screw shopping around and getting the best price! My husband? Um, no. That doesn’t work for him, he’s an accountant and HAS to find the best deal – it’s the thrill of the hunt of him.

    And I’m ashamed to admit this, but hubby does the vacuuming in our house. To be honest, he’s better at it. He vacuums the blinds, actually moves furniture, I tend to vacuum AROUND things, hehe. It’s an upright and I think it’s as old as my oldest, 14 years old. Yeah I know, it probably doesn’t even work anymore but what do I care? I don’t vacuum. *grin*

  7. Dianne Said,

    That is funny. My husband bought me a cappucino maker one year which I thought was kind of funny, like he expected me not to buy my lattes anymore? 🙁 I just don’t have room to use it in my kitchen. We laugh about that one.

    I bought a Kenmore upright with the hepa bags and filters a few years ago. It’s okay, I like the onboard attachments but it’s kind of heavy. (Maybe not self-propelled?) Anyways, I was out tonight and hubby vaccummed and he does a great job! That’s his job when company’s coming.

    And no – this is a great blog topic!

  8. presentstorm Said,

    I have a Rainbow vacuum that filters through water. You can use it to vacuum hardwood, carpet or tile, curtains… anything. It also has an upholstery attachment, and a shampooer.I Love it. It is great for my allergies because it sucks the dust and stuff in and traps it in the water instead of blowing it back out like a bag would… I can’t imagine not ever owning one now 🙂

  9. mamichelle Said,

    LOL, Stacy! LOVE your new vacuum!

    We have several in my house. My dh is a vacuumaholic! Or used to be. It’s become my job lately.

    Anyway, we have a Hooover upright for the carpets and I’m not sure about the little canister we have. It’s great though. I use it on the kitchen & bathroom floors. It’s nice and light. I’m sure it’s what I’ll use when my floors finally are done (hardwood downstairs and tile in all bathrooms). Can’t wait!

  10. mamichelle Said,

    We are getting hardwood, Stacy. We already have hardwood in the front hall. It was installed by our builder so that’s why we’re sticking with it.

    Can’t wait to have the tile in the bathrooms!!!

  11. Mrs Blythe Said,

    Hi I came via Sandra’s blog and I just had to answer a question about vacuum cleaners. Lol!

    We have a dyson upright, I’ve had it for six years and when we first got it I was exceedingly excited at how improved the suction was on it compared to our previous vacuum. I would demonstrate for bored visitors as to how it nearly sucked the carpet up and how much more dirt it got up, until (under threat of mental health sectioning) my hubby reminded me of how boring vacuuming was to your average layman…lol. So here I am excited to share about my vacuum to a captive audience.

    So there you go it’s the first time I’ve commented and already I must seem a little strange…


  12. Cam Said,

    Ah, a classic Exceedingly Mundane post…which I LOVE! I love your blog for this very reason!
    Oh, I have to say I giggled a little when I read about the self-propelled vac. I pictured it pulling YOU all across the room and running into things and making dents. 😀
    I’m in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. I’ve researched excessively and there’s one I want but for now it has to be put off. I can’t even remember which one it is now, but it’s a Hoover bagless upright.
    Our current one is 4 1/2 yrs old, a cheaper Hoover, the kind with a bag. It’s not bad and has done well, but I hate the bags and I hate that the tools are always falling off of it now (thanks, G). So there you go. All about my vacuum cleaner, too.

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