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Gail's Crunchy Coleslaw
One of my favorite things in the whole world to eat, especially in the summer! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us, Gail :)
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1 pound bag cole slaw
3 large green onions (can use 5 or 6 small ones) --
chopped..i usually use however many I have!
2 packages ramen noodle soup mix -- beef flavor
1 - 3.75 oz. sunflower kernels
1 - 2 oz bag slivered almonds

1 cup oil (I usually use canola)
1/3 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
2 packages seasoning from noodle soup
  1. Per Gail - Pound the noodles in zip lock bag to break up the large pieces...i just usually do this in the packages they are in instead of using a ziplock. you want smaller pieces. save the seasoning packets. Bake on cookie sheet (one layer) in 250 degree oven 10 min, stir around and bake for another 10 min---cool. Bake almonds and kernels the same way---cool. Be sure not to pour together until these are cold. You can store them in a ziplock bag til ready to use.

  2. Make salad dressing and store in fridge so it will be cold. Mix in blender or do what I do - i use the hand blender i have (immersion blender).

  3. Shortly before serving toss everything together....enjoy!

  4. Stacy's Notes: Yum, I love this! Have made it several times since Gail finally gave me this recipe! I use packaged cole slaw mix, about 3-4 green onions, canola oil and everything else the same. I toast the nuts and noodles ahead of time and just store in a ziploc bag till ready to mix together.

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