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3 cups sugar
4 Tbsp (heaping) cornstarch  
1/2 gal 2% white milk
1/2 gal chocolate milk
1 can sweetened chocolate condensed milk
7-9 squares semi-sweet chocolate
5 large eggs
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
1 box ice cream salt
  1. Getting ready:

  2. Combine the 3 cups sugar and 4 Tbsp cornstarch in large pot. Mix thoroughly. Add 2 quarts white milk. Stir.

  3. Cooking the custard:

  4. Heat on HIGH till hot. Cook for 15 minutes (after hot). Stir frequently to prevent sticking. Add one can sweetened chocolate condensed milk. Cook for 5-10 minutes.

  5. Soften/melt the chocolate squares in the microwave by heating on LOW setting. Watch carefully to avoid burning or scorching. Add the choc squares to the pot and stir. Turn heat to LOW or OFF.

  6. Beat (very well!) 5 large eggs and add 1 Tbsp vanilla extract.

  7. Add the eggs & extract to the custard slowly and stir constantly!

  8. Increase heat to MEDIUM. Cook & stir until thick.

  9. Let the custard cool, then store in fridge overnight.

  10. The Big Day:

  11. Layer chocolate milk and custard in the ice cream container. Place in tub, and hookup the motor. Start motor, layer ice & salt up to the top of the bucket. Add 2 cups of tap water. Run motor until ice cream has thickened (approx 28-40 minutes).

  12. Remove the paddle quickly before it freezes in place.

  13. Eat ice cream on paddle to replace calories burned while removing it!

  14. Scrape hardened ice cream from sides of container.

  15. Let ice cream harden for another 30-45 minutes.

  16. Call everyone and start EATING!

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Added On: September 9, 2004
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