Gail's Sesame Green Beans
Gail's Sesame Green Beans

Our favorite way to eat green beans!
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Frozen WHOLE green beans
olive oil
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
sesame seeds
This is sort of a made up recipe so no fancy directions!
I use whole frozen green beans, best to use for this recipe.

Heat some olive oil in a saute pan or wok type pan. Add frozen green beans and cook/stir on medium or medium high heat. I cook them like this for maybe 5-10 minutes and then add a bit of water (maybe 1/8 c. but I don't measure it!) to the pan and let them steam like that until the water is gone. Continue cooking & stirring until they are tender but a bit crisp.
I think it's usually about 15 or so minutes of total cooking time depending on how many beans are in the pan.

Remove pan from the heat and season with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and sprinkle on sesame seeds.

You can use as many or little of the beans as you need. I now buy frozen beans in large resealable bags and keep them in my freezer. I fix them almost once a week this way!
I usually use a small calphalon wok type saute pan for two of us but have done them in a large skillet or saute pan also.
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